Vipers Woman

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Chapter 16: Arrival at the Viking MC

We walked into the clubhouse. I was holding Berserk's hand. I saw Viper look at us and then down at our hands. Who the hell are you he asked Berserk? I am Berserk. The Berserk, the one who doesn't like being touched by anyone, but here you are holding her hand. And why shouldn't I? She is like a sister to me. I and Jim's MC saved her from those bastards. Just who the hell are you? Viper president of the Lone Wolf MC. So you are the one who looked at my baby sister as if she was dirt under your feet.

The one who called her a whore. The one who accused her of being Steve's mistress. Take my advice. Don't disrespect her again. Then let go of her hand. We all watched Berserk look at Viper with a challenge. You can't stop me. You are not her man. She is not claimed. Steve said, Berserk stop it. Fine, he said. Why is she looking at me like that? She is showing no emotions. Lisa, what did you do? What business is it to you what I do? I looked at my brother. Travis was looking at me. You have changed. You are different but I can't put my finger on it. It doesn't matter Travis.

I watched her reach up and kiss Berserk, then the two men standing behind her and then Jim. She then walked to the bar and got something to drink. We all watched as walked to a table and sat down. Soon the girls ran in screaming where is she? Over there. Tammy, Elizabeth, Olive, Hope, and Sara ran over and hugged me. A prospect brought them drinks before walking away. Olive asked. Lisa, who is that tall handsome man with the scar on his face? Berserk. Olive gasped. The famous Beserk? The very one. Olive, he is 35 years old. You are what 23? Age doesn't matter to me. I think I am in love.

I felt eyes on me and I turned and looked at the girl sitting with Lisa. She was staring at me smiling. I could not take my eyes off of her. She is going to be mine. I will introduce you but if he doesn't shake your hand don't be offended. Alright, she said. Berserk will you come over here, please. I walked over to the table and Lisa said. My friend wants to meet you. She thinks she is in love. Olive I want you to meet Berserk, my brother. Berserk meet Olive one of my friends. I watched as she held out her hand. I looked at Lisa and she nodded her head. I gently took the small hand in mine and shook it.

I am happy to meet you Berserk she said. Her voice is so soft I could listen to her talk forever. I let go of her hand and said. Pleased to meet you as well. I then turned and walked over to sit with the men. I sat where I could watch her. She is so beautiful. I heard her laugh at something Lisa said. Chain looked from me to Olive. I think you like her Berserk. She is beautiful and you shook her hand. The voices are gone when I am around her. Maybe she is your woman? I am too old for her. Olive likes older men. I think she likes you as well.

You should get to know her. Go ask her to sit and talk with you. I can't do that. Sure you can. They were talking when a slow song came on. I watched as Olive stood up and walked to the table. Berserk, dance with me she said. I can't I will hurt her. No, you won't the voice said. I stood up and took her small hand and walked onto the dance floor. She wrapped her tiny arms around me and laid her head on my chest.

Don't look now Lisa but Viper is looking at you. I did not show any emotions. Then Chain walked over and said. Dance with me Lisa. I stood up and walked to the dance floor and put my hand in his and the other on his shoulder. Lisa, you have changed. You have hardened your heart. Why? Because I realized why the things Viper said hurt me. Why is that? I started to feel something for him. I could not let that happen. He hates me. I don't even know why. I didn't really do anything to him. He doesn't hate you, Lisa. He was worried about you. He didn't want to upset you about his seeing that video. He was dam angry and wants to kill them.

Chain, I am no good. I can't let men that I don't know and trust to even get close to me. Lisa, just talk to him. He wants to get to know you. I can't. I watched at Viper and Steve walked to the bar and sat down. I was sitting at the table when some new prospects walked in. I heard them say. So, Steve, we heard the famous Lisa is back. So where is she? Sitting over there. I saw them look at me and they had a look I had seen before. Not happening boys. As I walked to the bar to get the shots for us girls I heard one of them say " I would fuck her in a second." It got really quiet in the bar. I turned around and looked at him.

Say it louder, I dare you. I said, "I would fuck you in a second." I then looked at him and said. You are not my type. I then heard the members laugh. I picked up the drinks and walked to the table. The next thing I saw was that same prospect hit the floor. Don't you ever talk to her like that again, she is not yours. I looked up and saw Viper standing over the man. I just sat down and Tammy looked at me. Well, dam girl. Viper stood up for you. You know what that means. Nothing I said. I am not a member of his club or any club. I don't think he cares. Elizabeth looked at me and said. Girl, you are cold. You built a brick wall around that heart of yours since you've been gone.

I will be right back. I have to use the bathroom. I walked to my room and opened the door locking it. I walked to the bathroom and used it. As I was opening my door Viper was standing there. I need to talk to you. No, I said. We have nothing to say. He started walking toward me and I tried to shut the door. He shoved it open and walked in shutting it behind him and locking it.

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