Vipers Woman

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Chapter 17: Viper has his say

Lisa, I know I fucked up when I first met you. But shit, I was tongue-tied. I didn't know how to talk to you. You were standing there smiling and laughing with Steve and his members. I wanted you to smile at me like that. I always seem to say the wrong thing to you. I want you to know that I was not looking at you as if you were not good enough. Every time I looked at you I saw those men. I saw what those men did to you and wanted to rip their heads off their bodies. I want to make them suffer.

You need to understand. The first time I saw you, I wanted to get to know you. I wanted to make you mine. But you hated me. I always seem to put my foot in my mouth around you. I stood there not showing any emotions. I watched as he slowly reached his hand out and touched my cheek. I'm sorry about that. I was jealous. I sat and watched you laugh with everyone but me. You would smile at the prospects who brought you coffee and I wished you were smiling at me. But you never did. Not once have you smiled at me. Look Viper, I know that you really hate me. I am alright with that now. I don't hate you, Lisa.

I have never hated you. I longed for you. I smiled when I would hear you laugh. I was sad that I was not the one to make you laugh. I hope that one day you will smile for me. I watched as he unlocked the door and walked out shutting it behind him. I sat down on my bed and asked myself. What the hell just happened. Viper was telling me he longed for me. He wanted me to smile at him. What the hell. No, Lisa, you can't. I was confused but didn't show it. I walked back to the table and sat down. I looked over and saw Viper looking at me. Shit, he is looking at me differently.

Tammy looked over and said. You do know that he is falling for you? I thought he hated me. Viper, hate you. Never. Girl, he looks at you like he wants to eat you. You don't see it but we have. When you laugh he looks over at you with longing. When you smile he smiles. I don't even know if I can stand his touch. I am scared. We know you are. Just take one day at a time. Remember this though. If you are scared run to his arms. He will protect you. Whatever. We smoked a joint and we all took our shoes off. We started playing football with a soft football.

The guys just watched us. We stood around the room and when Tammy threw the ball towards me I was not paying attention. I jumped up to grab the ball and fell back into Viper's lap. Thanks for the soft landing I said not thinking about who I landed on. I looked at the girls smiling and laughing. Wait, I heard "you can sit on me anytime baby. " I looked over my shoulder and said Viper. I jumped up and threw the ball at Tammy. Bitch I said. You did that on purpose. Of course, I did she yelled.

Just then the door slammed open and in walked some MC I never saw before. Viper jumped up and shoved me behind him. Berserk did the same to Olive. Steve put Hope behind him. Jim asked, what the hell is going on here. The men stopped and gasped. Jim, what are you doing here? Visiting a friend. Why are you here Snake? We came to get back something that belongs to a friend of ours. Just what would that be? Her name is Lisa. Berserk growled and they looked over and saw him. You will not touch my sister. She also happens to be mine Jim said, and Steve and Chain Said mine as well. Travis looked at them and said she is my sister too.

They looked at Viper and asked. Is she your sister too? Not likely, more like my girlfriend. Not one person in the club challenged him on that. I noticed everyone looking at four of the men with Snake. So did he. Why are you all staring at four of my men? Berserk said. Because I plan on killing them. What the hell for? You will find out soon enough. Call your friend. Tell him to come here that you have Lisa. Do not make him think it is a trap.

Snake looked at the four men and said. You better not have gotten me into a mess that is none of our MC business. They slowly swallowed. What the fuck did you four do? Viper looked at Snake grinning. You don't keep track of what your members do behind your back do you? What the hell are you talking about? I would rather have them four tied up to chairs before we show you. But not before your friend is sitting right next to them.

Fine but this better be on the up and up. The four were tied to a chair. I want your VP to meet your friend with a few of our prospects and bring him in here. Just as Richard arrived he was laughing thinking he was going to get his hands on Lisa. He was surprised when he was dragged into the club and tied to a chair. Now show him the video. As the video played Richard stopped smiling. Snake and the other members with him were sick. They ran outside to vomit. As they all came back in Snake looked at them.

You did that to this woman he pointed at the tv. You sick mother fuckers. I want to see her. Where is she? Viper slowly brought be out from behind his back and pulled her in front of him. Right here. Snake looked at me. I am so sorry for what they did to you. We will leave you alone. They are yours to do with what you want. I grinned. I can kill them and you won't retaliate? We won't retaliate. They deserve it. We watched them walk out of the bar.

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