Vipers Woman

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Chapter 18: Lisa finally gets her revenge

Drag these mother fucker's to the shed. We all followed behind them and listened to the men beg for their life. Call Mark someone yelled. Everyone knew who mark was. He arrived carrying a bag. He walked over to the bench and lifted out a bundle. I was impressed with all the tools he had. Who is first he asked. I watched as he looked at us women. You might want to leave this room. What I do, I do in the nude. We don't care. We want them to suffer and I have the right to watch it. We watched him shrug his shoulders.

He undressed and said. Who is the first? Any of them four Steve said pointing to the Snake MC members. They untied one and dragged him over and threw him on his back tying his hands to the side of the table along with his feet. Mark said. I saw the video it made me sick. You all are really sick mother fuckers. You are sicker than I am. I watched him walk over and pick up a thin knife. I will enjoy this but you, however, will not. He started slicing thin layers of his skin off the man's chest. I used to be a surgeon did you know that? I guess not. After he started slicing half the man's chest the man was screaming. You could see muscles and other parts of the body.

What you all did to that woman over there. I am going to do worse to you. You all laughed at her pain. You kept telling her to scream for you because you loved to hear women screaming. Then you told her to beg for you to end it. We watched him continue to cut the man. Viper tapped my shoulders and I looked up at him. He was handing me headphones the kind you wear when shooting a gun. I took them from him and put them on. Mark worked for two hours on the man and then said. I think he is done for today. I walked over to Mark and whispered in his ear. What would happen if you sliced his cock down the center?

Mark looked at me and grinned. I tell you what. I will keep them all alive long enough for you to do that. Thank you I said walked back to sit down. Lady, Mark said. I like your way of thinking. He cleaned his tools and said. Who is ready for a drink? We all left the building and walked to the club. As we walked in we girls walked to our table and sat down. Tim walked over with a cup of coffee for me. Lisa, it is good to have you back. Thank you, Tim, I said. I looked over at Olive, Hope, Elizabeth, and Tammy. We wanted to go to bed but none of us wanted to be alone.

I walked to my room and brought us all lap throws and we covered up. None of us felt ourselves being lifted and carried across the room. I looked at the women grinning. Boys look over there. He stood up and walked over picking me up bridal style, steve did the same to Hope, Mark picked up Elizabeth, Berserk picked up Olive, Travis picked up Sara, and Chain picked up Tammy. They walked back to their chairs and sat holding us while we slept. I guess after what they saw tonight none of them wanted to go to their beds alone.

I looked at Lisa and held her close to me. If she woke up and saw herself lying in my arms she would go nuts. I enjoyed the moment. I loved holding her against my chest and having my arms wrapped around her. I felt her soft breath on my neck. I looked over at Steve and said. We should take them and put them in their beds. We should he said. We stood up and carried them to their rooms. I walked into Lisa's room and lay her down. I took off her shoes and covered her up before kissing her lips and walking out of her room shutting and locking the door.

I dreamed that I was being carried into my bedroom and laid in my bed. Then I dreamed that Viper kissed my lips before walking away from me. I woke up the next morning still in my clothes. How did I get to bed I wondered. I got up and took a shower putting on clean clothes. I walked out to the kitchen to get something to eat. The only empty chair was next to Viper. I put my plate on the table then grabbed my coffee before sitting down. I had a headache but it was not from drinking. I drank mostly coffee last night. My back also started to spasm.

I grabbed the table. Berserk I said. Massage quick. He jumped up from the table and carried me to my room. Everyone followed asking what the hell was going on. Olive grab that massage oil and run hot water over it. We watched as he took her shirt off of her and rolled her on her stomach. Then she started screaming. He unfastened her bra and Olive handed him the oil. Her back. Olive said that was what they did to her. I poured the oil in my hands and rubbed them together. I started massaging her back and said. Tell the doc we need a muscle relaxer now.

We watched Viper looking at Berserk massaging Lisa. Has she been having spasm since she has been here or her home? We don't know. When this happens you have to massage her back. She should have a massage twice a day but she refuses to let anyone but me do it. When I leave someone has to massage her back. She will usually fall asleep. When it gets this bad she needs the massage and a shot of muscle relaxer. Just then the doc walked in with the syringe. We all watched as he gave her the shot in her hip. She is asleep. We can leave the room now. Berserk stood up and walked to the bathroom where he washed his hands.

How did you know to do that? I have done that for her for almost six months after she got out of the hospital. I was taught by the physical therapist. I looked at Olive and said. I would love to give you a full body massage. When I leave here someone has to do it. I will Viper said. She will fight you. Not because of who you are but because of her scars. I will still do it even if I have to tie her to the bed.

She was still sleeping when everyone decided to go to the shed. I sat in her bedroom to watch over her. I was sitting on the couch watching football when I heard her moaning. I need a Berserk. Please go get him. He is busy I said standing up. I stood up and ran the hot water and lay the bottle of oil in it to get warm. I brought the oil to her room and sat next to her on the bed. I poured the oil in my hand. She was hurting too badly to run from me. No, she said. Don't touch my back. I ignored her and rubbed my hands on her back massaging her. I heard her moan and then felt her starting to relax. I brought my hands up and rubbed the muscles on her neck and shoulders.

I heard her say "that feels so good" As I brought my hands up her sides my fingers felt the side of her breasts. God, I want so much to see her breasts. To suck on her nipples. Stop thinking like that dumb ass she is in pain. Soon she fell back to sleep. I got up and washed my hands and sat back down on the couch. I must have dozed off because when I woke up I looked at the clock and it was 9:00 pm. I stood up and walked to her bathroom and used it. When I came out I noticed she was looking at me. Can you help me sit up, please? I reached to snap her bra when she said no.

I just need a tee-shirt from my drawer over there. I brought her a the tee-shirt and helped her to sit up. I looked over her head as she put the shirt on. Help me walk to the kitchen. I am starving. You need socks on first. I walked over and grabbed some socks. I kneeled down and put them on her feet. Before I raised my head I felt her hand slide through my hair. I love your long hair but you didn't know that. I looked up at her. I smiled at her. Then she smiled back at me. I was stunned. She is smiling at me. Viper, I don't want to fight with you anymore.

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