Vipers Woman

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Chapter 19: Viper helps Lisa to the kitchen.

I helped her to sit down and then made two plates of food. I even got her coffee putting creamer in hers. As we were eating everyone walked in to get their food. As they sat down they looked tired. Mark looked at Lisa and said. Tomorrow if you feel up to it the first one is yours. I saw her smile. I will be there if I have to be carried there she said. As she finished her food she drank her coffee. Tammy looked over at me and winked. I put one of my hands on Viper's leg. Tammy watched Viper's face and grinned. She snickered and said. Viper are you feeling alright?

Fine, why do you ask? I don't know for a minute I thought you had a shocked look on your face. No, I am fine. I looked down at Lisa but she had no emotions on her face. Then she slowly moved her hand up and down my leg. Fuck, if she goes any higher she is going to feel something she might not want to feel. She has my cock hard as hell right now. I grinned. Payback is going to be fun. When we all finished we walked to the club. I helped Lisa walk to our table. I sat her in a chair next to mine. Again she was drinking coffee. After we had been sitting talking for an hour I put my hand on her leg. I slowly rubbed her leg with my thumb.

I looked down at her smiling. She looked at me and I slowly moved my hand upward. I saw her eyes get bigger. I didn't go higher because she was not ready for that. Tim her friend was walking by when she asked him to get her a sprite. He brought it back to her and she thanked him. I removed my hand from her leg and placed it behind her shoulders. I was in the middle of taking a drink of beer when I felt her hand on my thigh and this time it was very close to my cock. I nearly choked on my drink. I slowly lowered my beer and looked at her. What game is she playing with me I wondered.

I watched her but she gave nothing away. I looked around the table at the men and noticed all of them were looking a little different. I grinned. The women are playing with all of us. Berserk was looking rather nervous. Berserk are you alright I asked? Fine, he said. Just thinking. Then Mark looked at all of us and laughed. You all look like you are having problems he said. I also believe that all of you just met the women or they are forgiving you all for some reason. Steve said, "I don't know what you are talking about." First, in the kitchen, I believe a few of the women put their hands on your thighs. A first for all of you.

I think I will go to bed. We watched as he walked away. I looked at Viper and said. Will you help me to my room. Sure I said standing up. I helped her into her room and she said. Viper, I need a massage. I walked to the bathroom and came out with the oil. She had her shirt off and was laying on her stomach. I walked over and sat next to her. I poured the oil into my hands and started to massage her back. Your hands feel so good. I reached over to pour more oil in my hands when she rolled over onto her back and looked up at me.

She reached over took the oil and shut the lid. She then reached for my shirt and pulled me down toward her. Viper I think we should try kissing. I leaned down and kissed her lips. She slowly opened her mouth and I put my tongue in tasting her. I moved my hands down to wrap them around her pulling her closer to me. I moved my mouth to her neck licking and sucking leaving love bites. I worked my way down to her breasts where I slipped the first one nipple in my mouth then the next. I don't know how I ended up laying on top of her. I was kissing her again when she moved against my cock. Shit, we have to stop or I will do something she is not ready for.

Lisa, we have to stop. I don't want to but we are not ready for that yet. I knew he was right. He put my tee shirt back on me but I started kissing him again. He made me feel things no one else has. I moaned as he pressed against me. Lisa, I will make love to you the day you let me claim you and we get married. But I will still love making out with you but right now honey. If we don't stop now we will do something you are not ready for. I rolled over onto my back and pulled her close to me.

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