Vipers Woman

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Chapter 2: Lisa Moves Into The House

I didn’t have to work today so I put on shorts, a tee-shirt, and tennis shoes before walking out to the garage. I filled the riding lawn mower with gas before getting on it and backing out. I mowed the front yard with Greta running behind me.

My brother's clubhouse as well as my house sits back from the main road. We both want our privacy. I didn’t notice that half the club members were sitting in chairs watching me. I shut the mower off before filling it with gas. I walked into the house and came back outside with a cold bottle of water and smoke. I sat a bowl of water down for Greta. I smoked my cigarette before mowing the backyard.

We all continued to watch Travis's sister. Mark said Viper doesn't know what he is missing. I dressed and walked down to the kitchen to eat breakfast. I asked where everyone was. Hammer said they are outside watching the neighbor who by the way is Travis’s sister. Watching her do what? First, mow the yard, now she is scraping the paint off the window frames. Why are they watching her do all that? They like looking at her legs and ass I said walking back out the door.

I was on the ladder scrapping the paint when I heard Steve yell at me. As I turned to look down at him I slipped and fell. I was lucky he caught me. I started cussing him out and his club members were laughing. Now they are painting my house. I have to say it is looking good. We all watched as they painted the house and we have to say that not only is the house looking good she is good to look at.

I walked outside and stood by Mark. Viper that girl has been working since 7:00 this morning. She has stopped long enough to drink water and eat a sandwich. I looked across the fence and saw her. I watched as she walked over to the latter and start to climb it. when a biker walked over and put his hands around her waist and lifted her off. He turned and sat her down on a chair and said, “stay there.” I recognized him. He is the VP, Chain of the Vikings. we are friends with them. Dammit Chain. Stay. How about you get us some lemonade or Kool-Aid something cold. Sure, I said jumping up and running into the house.

I am in love I said. Mark looked up at me. You and every single male in this club. She is downright beautiful. Even though she is short she has legs that would wrap around a man. I looked over and saw her walk I out of the house with Lemonade and glasses full of ice. Come get a cold drink, guys. I watched as they all walked over and grabbed a glass and lit a cigarette. You guys didn’t have to do this I heard her say. I was doing fine.

Yes, we did. Besides, it is almost finished, and it is looking good. Yes, it is. I guess that I would not have finished it in one day. So, thanks guys I really appreciate your help. Just then we heard several boots walking towards us. I turned and watched some of the bikers from next door walk over with a very handsome man in front. He had a six-pack and muscled arms. Steve, you didn’t stop over to see us. I planned on it after we finished over here. I heard this is my VP’s sister how do you know her?

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