Vipers Woman

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Chapter 20: Time for Lisa's revenge

I woke up slowly opening my eyes. I realized that Lisa was laying with her head on my chest and one leg was thrown across mine. I must have fallen asleep as I was still in her bed. I watched as she slowly stretched and opened her eyes. Good morning I said. I watched as she looked at the clock before getting up and walking to the bathroom. When she came out she walked to her dresser and pulled on old jeans and an old shirt. I told her I would meet her in the kitchen as I left her room to shower and change into clean clothes.

As I walked into the kitchen one of the whores who continued to stare at me bumped into me. She had her hand on my chest and said "finally I have your attention." I gritted my teeth and said, "take your filthy hands off of me and keep them off of me." She slowly backed away from me as I walked over and filled my plate and grabbed a cup of coffee. I walked over and sat next to Lisa.

Under my breath I said. I hate when whores think they can touch me. What did you say Viper Lisa asked? Nothing I said sighing. Mark looked up at Lisa and asked if she was ready for today. I am more than ready. I watched as Mark grinned. After we all ate we walked out to the shed. I watched as she walked over to the bench and put on rubber gloves. Mark then pointed at a knife and said "that is the one you want" we all watched as Lisa picked up the knife and walked over to the first man.

You know she said, I think that filthy dick of yours needs to be sliced open. You deserve what I am about to do to you. All of you. We watched as she grabbed his dick in one hand and stretched it out. Then she slowly took the knife and cut his dick in half. As he felt the cut he screamed "please stop, don't cut it." Why not she said. You are not going to be needing it anymore and you owe me.

Lisa continued this on the next three men as well. She looked at them and said "I do believe that deserve to suffer more than you already have. She then sliced all their balls off letting them fall to the ground. She walked over to the sink and washed the knife clean of all blood before laying it with the others. Thank you, Mark she said before taking the gloves off and throwing them in the trash. We watched as she walked over and sat down in the chair.

We looked at the men bleeding and Mark said. Time to say goodnight as he cut each man's throat. I will get some prospects to burn the bodies and bury the remains. We all walked out of the shed and over to the club. I felt better knowing that those men can never hurt me again. I then heard my brother tell Viper that he could not believe that I could do something like that. Why not Viper asked. After what they all did to her. I believe that she can do anything.

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