Vipers Woman

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Chapter 21: Viper Is Set Up

We girls were excited that we would be going to Sturgis soon. Viper has not asked Lisa to ride behind him yet but she was hoping that he would. Lisa, Tammy, Elizabeth, Hope, and Chain were walking down the hall when they saw Viper making out with a whore. They all stopped. I knew it, he was just like the others. I turned and walked away without saying a word. Chain and the girls following me.

I walked past Steve and Jim and on to my bedroom. I shut and locked the door. I sat on the couch for about fifteen minutes. I took a deep breath and stood up and gathered my clothes and then I walked out of my room out the door and called Greta. I got in my car and drove to my house.

I arrived home and locked my front door after I entered. I was done. No more. I should have known not to trust him. He is just like the rest of them. He is a cheater. I took a bath and went around and closed all the curtains. I have blackout curtains. I made sure none of the members were outside when I arrived. I parked my car in the garage that way no one knew I was there.

Back at Jim's MC Elizabeth asked if anyone had seen me. Chain gritting his teeth looked across the table at Viper and said. "The last time we saw Lisa is when we saw that fucker kissing the whore." Viper looked up from his beer and asked. "What the hell are you talking about?" Don't play stupid Viper we all saw you kissing that whore in the hall." I was not kissing her. She was kissing me. I was getting ready to push her off of me.

Well, she is not here and her car his gone. Berserk looked over at Viper and told him that if anything happens to my sister I am going to kill you. In the meantime, back at the house, my back started to spasm. I lay on the floor crying. It hurt too bad to move. After three hours of crying, I fell asleep. I woke up hearing my phone ring.

I reached my hand out and grabbed the phone. Hello, I said. Lisa where are you? I'm not telling you. I hung the phone up. I heard knocking on my door but I did not move. I continued to lay on the floor with Greta beside me. I let her know not to bark. She stayed by my side. I finally heard. If she is in there she is not answering. Let's call Viper and let him know. I heard the boots walking off my porch.

I slowly set up and got off the floor. I walked upstairs and lay in the bed. I must have fallen back to sleep. I woke up hearing a lot of motorcycle's pulling up next door. I did not want them to find me. I looked at Greta and said. Time to go to the basement. I have a feeling they are coming inside the house to search.

We walked down to the basement and I pushed the secret button and watched the door slide open. Greta I and walked in and I turned and pushed the button on the wall closing the secret door. I turned on the monitors and looked at the screens. I sat and watched members of Vipers MC, Jim's, and Steve's talking. Then I watched as Berserk walked toward my back door. He kicked it in. I heard them moving from room to room.

Then I watched as they headed to the basement. I heard where the hell is she? Where would she have gone? She is not at her cabin we checked. I don't know anywhere else she would have gone. Oh, but I have another cabin three towns over. As soon as they leave I will be going threw the secret tunnel to the attached garage that is on the other side of the woods.

Greta, I knew better. I knew I should not have started to let him in. It's a good thing we did not have any sexual intercourse. It's time to disappear again. I thought we finally found our forever home. I was wrong. I set the alarm on my phone to go off at 4:00 am. I got up and turned the monitors off and called Greta to come. We walked through the tunnel until we reached the garage.

As we came to the door I opened it and stepped out. I walked over to the trailblazer took the key from under the bumper and opened it. Greta jumped in and I shut the door. I opened the back and loaded the boxes that were sitting along the wall of the garage. I had clothes in them. I then walked over to the cupboard next to the door and took out the box that contained the driver's license and $50,000.

I next walked to the bathroom and cut my hair to above my shoulders and put it in a trash bag. I took the hair dye of Dark Purple and died my hair. Next, I put glasses on after taking my contacts out. I tied the garbage bag and threw it in the back of the trailblazer. I walked around to the front and got in and started the car. I pushed the button and watched as the garage doors opened.

I took a deep breath and drove out of the garage watching as the garage door closed. I then pulled out onto the road. I drove away from Anna, Ohio headed north. I finally made it to Fort Wayne, Indiana. I drove the back roads and finally turned onto the dirt road leading to my log cabin.

After parking the car in the garage I let Greta out and started to carry the boxes into the cabin. I walked to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. Next, I turned on the monitor and connected to the cameras at my house and watched what was going on at my brother's MC. As I watched the monitor's I took the battery out of my old phone and laid them on the table.

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