Vipers Woman

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Chapter 22: Viper

I sat drinking my beer thinking about Lisa. Where could she be? Is she alright? I looked over at the whore who kissed me and saw her grinning at me. That bitch better stay away from me. As a matter of fact, I am going to fix her ass. Linda, get your ass over here. I watched as she walked to the table. Steve and Travis looked at her. Viper, she said trying to sit on my lap. Get your skanky hands off of me.

Travis put a chair in front of our table for this whore. I stood up and moved a chair over and sit it in front of the VIP table. Now, for your punishment. You threw yourself at me and that is not permitted in this club. For disrespecting me and the woman I was going to claim you will start cleaning this clubhouse every night. The floors will be clean enough to eat off of.

In the morning you will be brought your breakfast to your room and when all the club members and their Valkyrie are finished eating you will then scrub the kitchen down, and do the dishes. After that, you will clean all the prospect's bedrooms, put clean sheets on their beds, and do all of their laundries. I will make sure that the Head whore checks your progress.

When that is done you will have a one hour break before you wash, dry, and put the lunch dishes away. You will again eat lunch and dinner in your room. After that, you will sweep the front and back porch off. Then you can stay in your room until everyone has eaten dinner. Then you will do those dishes and you will then go to bed.

You will do this every day. You will do this even when we have to visit MC's at the clubhouse. You will also be expected to service those men and complete your assignments. When we have overnight visiting MC's you will be expected to clean their rooms and wash their laundry. Do you understand me? Yes, Viper. Another thing. If you ever throw yourself at me again you will be kicked out of this club. Now get the hell out of my face. I do not want to see you, hear you, or speak to you.

We watched as she stood up and walked away to sit at the whores table. I forgot no one is to help you with the chores. The whores looked at her shocked. You really pissed Viper off Linda. You should never have thrown yourself at him and kissed him. You know that Viper does not mess with club whores. I know that but, I thought he might change his mind.

You have been here long enough to know that he would not change his mind. He was set on finding and claiming his woman. You ruined that for him. He is not going to make it easy for you to be here now that he lost her. Well, we have seen him drunk before. Maybe I can get in his bed then. I doubt it and you better not even try. We have all seen him drunk, walk a straight line, and still go to his bed alone. If you try that you will really be sorry.

We continued to encourage her to stop. Linda, we are telling you that this is one of the best clubs to be at. There are several clubs that don't care about us whores. They don't support us and stop men from abusing us. This is a good club. You just have to follow their rules. They don't like whores here that cause trouble. They will throw you out. We have seen it happen before.

Viper won't throw me out. Don't worry about me I said. Ok, but don't say we did not warn you. We started to talk about how upset the members all were. They leave and come back days later with no news and Viper is getting angrier and angrier. We have seen him watching Linda with so much hate and we all know that one wrong move and she is gone.

I was cleaning the rooms and thought that soon he would let up on me. I have been doing this work for five months now. They still can't find Travis's sister and the woman Viper wants to claim. As I walked to the basement with the cloths basket of clothes from one of the prospect's room I saw Viper looking out the window. I sighed. I put the basket down and walked over to him.

Viper, what the fuck do you want Linda? I'm sorry, I wish I had not thrown myself at you. Linda, don't lie to me. You would do it again in a minute if you thought you could get away from it. Now get out of my face. I stood up and walked to my room shutting my door and locking it. I walked into my bathroom and took a shower. When I walked out with a towel wrapped around me I saw that bitch laying on my bed.

What the hell are you doing in my room? I thought I would come and talk to you and let you know I really am sorry. I grabbed her by her wrist and dragged her to my door. I opened the door and yelled for Travis. "You called" Viper? Take this bitch to her room and lock her in. Thinks she can walk in my room. Wait, how the hell did you get in? You should not even have a key to this room. I have a key. I was given one to all the bedrooms here. Stop lying Linda. How did you get a copy of a key to my bedroom?

I took the second key you had out of the cash register. Give it here. Never mind. Travis, I want a new lock put on my door and I want the only key to it. On it, I said as I dragged Linda to her room and threw her in locking her door. Travis, call church for tonight at 8:00 pm. We need to talk about what we are going to do with Linda.

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