Vipers Woman

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Chapter 23 Linda Receives A new Punishment

As everyone entered the office and sat down I told them about finding Linda in my room lying on my bed when I came out from taking a shower. I have had enough of this bitch. I want to vote should we kick her out of the club or send her to a sister club. Maybe a bisexual or gay club. How many want to kick her out? 3. How many want to send her to a sister club of straight men? 2. How many want to send her to a female gay mc? 35. Does anyone know of an MC like that? My sister has a friend that is an MC like that. I can call her right now. He dialed his sister's phone. Tana, I need some information about your friends MC. We have a club whore here that keeps trying to cause problems for my president. She thinks she is going to be claimed by him if she keeps trying to get him to bed her.

He has had enough of her. He has a woman. What is her name and phone number? Thanks I owe you one. I handed Viper the paper and said this is the president's name and phone number. She likes woman likes this. She likes teaching them how the grass is not always greener on the other side. Thanks I will give her a phone call. Church is dismissed. I picked up the phone after everyone left my office and dialed the number.

Hello, is Karan available? My name is Viper I am the president of the Lone Wolf MC. I heard that you like to teach women that the grass is not always greener on the other side. I have a club whore here who as repeatedly caused issues in my club. Especially for me. She caused the woman I wanted to claim to leave me thinking I was cheating on her. I came out of my bathroom after taking a shower and found her lying on my bed. She stole the spare key out of the register in my club.

I have punished her but it has not stopped her. How would you like to have a new club whore. I do believe she is going to hate your MC as there are no men there. We will take her. After servicing women she might just not make the same mistakes. But she will not be leaving here. If you give me your address we will be happy to deliver her to your MC. I wrote down the address.

I see that you are 15 minutes away. How about we deliver her to you tonight? We can have her there in say two hours. That gives us time to pack her shit and bring it with us. Thank you so much for taking her off my hands. We will see you soon and I look forward to meeting you and seeing the expression on her face when she realizes she will be living in a club of woman. I hung up the phone and walked out to the club.

I called two prospects over and told them to bring boxes and take them to Linda's bedroom and make sure she packs everything. Linda go pack your shit you are leaving the club in an hour. We are taking you to another club. You are kicked out of my club. What she screamed. You don't mean that. I do. The boxes are already being taken to your room. Pack everything. Anything left behind will go to the trash.

Several club whores looked at Linda and said " We warned you." Another one said we told you if you continued to try and bed him that he would kick you out. Looks like you are the second woman in 10 years to be kicked out of the club. We watched as she walked to her room. I can't be sure but I think she was crying. Not our problem. We are not going to let those whores ruin it for the rest of us.

I finished my beer when one of the prospects said the van was loaded. Beast and I walked out and saw Linda sitting in the van. Follow us I said. We pulled out of the compound and drove until we got onto the highway. We pulled off on to the Bell fountain exit and arrived at the MC that Linda would be living at. As we got off the bikes three women stepped out to meet us. I introduced myself, and Beast. We shook hands I then said this is Linda.

Linda, I said grinning. I want you to meet the president of the Flaming Warrior MC Queen. But wait is this an all-female MC? Why yes it is. Are you telling me there are no males here? That is correct. We are a gay female MC. But, I can't stay here. Honey, you will be living here and you will be servicing women instead of men. No, I'm sorry Viper. I will not try to get into your bed again. Please do not make me stay here.

To late. You were given chance after chance but would not stop. This is now your new club. Girls escort these nice prospects and Linda to her new room. Thank you for bringing her things you can follow the women and they will show you where to put her things. She is going to be a joy to break in. Thank you for taking her off my hands. We are going to head back to the club. When you finish putting her things inside come back to the club I said getting on my bike and starting it. Will do Viper they said.

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