Vipers Woman

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Chapter 24: Lisa In Her Cabin

I continued to monitor Vipers MC. I watched as boxes were being carried out of the club. Then two prospects drag Lisa out the door. I turned the volume button up. I heard my brother tell Viper that he could be one mean bastard. She deserves it. Setting me up to look like I was kissing her. The last straw was her taking the extra key to my room from the register.

Came out of the bathroom and found her lying in my bed. Kicked her out of the club. She is going to a female club where there are no men. I watched as he stopped a prospect. Go to my room and take my bed along with the sheets, pillows, and bedspread out back and burn them. I will get a new bed. I won't lay on that bed after that bitch was laying in it. The only woman who was to ever lay on my bed was supposed to be Lisa.

Now that is not going to happen. Why is it that these sluts keep trying to cause problems for us? I think we treat them well. I will not have any fucking whores in my club that can't follow the rules. Now that bitch is going to learn the grass is not greener on the other side and I will save another male club from problems she causes. She will be servicing women from now on. Or she will live in the streets.

Serves her right. She just would not stop. I will never take a whore for my Valkyrie. Has anyone found Lisa yet? No. Where can she be? I do not know but Lisa will not be found if she does not want to be. Fuck, I am going to go shopping for a new bed. Want to ride with me after we take Linda to her new home. Sure why not. I watched as a prospect walked over and told them they were ready to transport the bitch to her new home.

I shut the monitor off and walked into the kitchen poured me a cup of coffee and walked out and sat down in a chair in my back porch. My nearest neighbor lived one mile from me. I did not have an MC next door to me and no one to bother me. I sat watching Greta run and play. I missed my brother. I missed the noise of the MC but most of all I missed Viper. I sat crying. Yes, I found out he did not cheat on me but I can't go back. I am better off alone.

If he wants me he will keep looking for me. After a month I will go back to wearing my contacts and stop dying my hair. I will start being seen by other bikers and if they have information about me being missing they will let Viper know I have been spotted. But right now I just can't I might even go places that some of the members who know me go to visiting other MC's and bars found out how long it takes him to find me.

I walked back into the cabin calling Greta to follow me. I locked the doors and windows and turned the monitor on. I noticed that a new bed was being carried into the club. I watched as Viper put new sheets, a blanket, and a bedspread on it. Then he put new pillowcases on brand new pillows. I heard my brother ask where he found real feather pillows? A new store in town sales them he said. When he finished making the bed I heard Viper tell my brother he would sleep better knowing that no whore has laid in his bed.

Before my brother walked out of Vipers' room he told him a new back door has been put up at my house. See you in the morning Viper he said as he walked out the door shutting it behind him. I watched as Viper took his boots and socks off and then his cut folding it and sitting it on the chair then walking into the bathroom. He walked out wearing shorts and climbed into the bed. He reached over and picked up his phone and started looking at something on it.

I miss you so much, Lisa. Please come home. He then lay the phone down and turned the light out. I turned off the monitor and walked upstairs turning the light off to the room. I walked into my bedroom and put on a t-shirt that belonged to Viper. Yes, I took three of them. I then climbed into bed and shut my light off. I tossed and turned during the night. I woke up early as I was not able to get any sleep.

I walked downstairs and turned the monitor on. I then walked to the kitchen and put a pot of coffee on. I poured a cup and carried it into the living room. I sat in the rocking chair and lit a cigarette looking at the monitor. I saw that Viper was sleeping. He had the pillow I would have laid on wrapped in his arms. I heard a knock on his door. Then Viper gets up and opens it. He shut the door walked into the bathroom and came out with a towel wrapped around him.

I took a deep breath as I looked at his back. He took the towel off and put on clean boxers and then jeans. He sat down on the bed and put socks on and then his boots. He turned around and I gasped. Over his heart he had my name tattooed. He put a t-shirt on tucking it into his jeans. Next, he put on his cut. I watched as he picked up his phone and then said. Good morning Lisa. He then put his phone in his back pocket and walked out of his bedroom.

I switched the camera to the kitchen. I watched as Viper walked past the whores and got a plate filling it with food, grabbed a cup of coffee, and then sat down next to my brother. New Yorker walked in and grabbed himself a plate and coffee and sat down in front of Viper. He looked exhausted. Did you get any sleep at all Viper asked him?

No, I have been searching for Lisa all night. It seems like she disappeared off the face of the earth. As if she never existed. I can not find her Viper. Get some sleep. You can start looking again later. You have been up for two days. Do not set your alarm. I finished eating and rinsed my plate and cup before walking out of the kitchen. He was stopped by one of the whores.

Viper have you found Lisa yet? Not yet. We hope you find her soon. So do I he said before walking outside. I looked over at the camera in the garage. He walked in and put on his coveralls and started working. He worked on three cars before he sat down and put his head in his hands.

I heard him crying. Soon he wiped his eyes and started working again. I heard his name being called and saw him turn and look at a woman. Mom, he said we can't find her. I know honey I heard. I can't live without her mom. I watched as she walked over and held him. We will find your love we will not stop until we do. How did you find out? Honey news travels fast.

Your father has contacted all of his connections and they are helping to try and find her. I could never cheat on Lisa, mom. I did not kiss that whore. I never even looked at another woman after I laid eyes on Lisa. I know we started off on the wrong foot. You always did speak before you thought. I love her. She is beautiful, she makes my heart beat fast whenever I look at her. She makes me laugh. No one has ever made me laugh likes she does.

She is strong and liked by all the club members. The men liked to watch her practice on her ring and scarves when she was home. She was so graceful and beautiful. One of them videotaped her. I would like to watch it. Sure we can do it tonight after supper. I am going into the club. Clean up out here and meet me inside. I watched as she cleaned up the garage before he shut the doors.

I had tears flowing down my face. He loves me. He never told me he loved me. I miss him so much. But I just can't go home. I am not good for, Viper. I am scared to trust again.

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