Vipers Woman

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Chapter 25: A new whore in the club

I had been gone for a month looking for Lisa. Every time a sighting came in I left. I prayed that I would find her. But it was never Lisa. Never my love. I turned my bike off and walked into the club. Travis and Mark looked at me as I walked in. I grabbed a beer walking over to the table and sat down. I was tired. I had just ridden five hundred miles. I took a drink and laid my head back against the wall.

It wasn't her we take it Travis said. Nope. I don't know if we will ever find her. Maybe I need to stop. Just wait to see if she comes back home. I finished my beer and stood up. I am going to my room to take a shower and get some sleep. I will talk to you later. As I walked by the whores table I saw the new whore. Lord please not another Linda I begged. I ignored her and walked on down the hall to my bedroom.

I opened my door and locked it after I entered. I grabbed shorts before walking into the bathroom before I took a shower. I walked out of the bathroom and lay down on the bed. I must have fallen asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. My heart is telling me not to stop but my head is telling me I need to take a break.

Who was that I asked the girls. That is Viper the president of the club. Wow, do you think he could be interested in messing around? Nope, and do not try. He has been looking for Lisa the woman he was planning on claiming for the past month. He was happy with Lisa before Linda another whore made it look like he was cheating on her.

After Lisa left Linda continued to try and get his attention. He usually leaves us alone but after Linda kissed Viper she was assigned to do all the chores, and still service the single club members and visiting clubs. the last straw was when she took the extra key to his bedroom from the register and was laying on his bed while he was taking a shower.

He gave her to a gay female MC. He had enough of her. He wants Lisa not one of us whores. So if you like it here do not try to get his attention. Besides, we all know that none of these men will take a whore as their Valkyrie. The next whore that chases him might find herself given to a club that abuses their whores.

I had been watching the monitor for a month now and had not seen Viper until now. I looked at him sleeping in his bed. He looked exhausted. My heart was beating fast and I wanted to be lying beside him. I need him. It is time to be found. While in town I will take a picture.

I grabbed my keys and walked out to my car and drove to town. I was going into the second-hand stores and a bar was next to one. I took a selfie with the name of the bar behind me. I will forward it when I get home. I continued to shop and found a few things to put in the flower garden before going home.

I entered the house and made my coffee before sitting down in the chair. I then forward the picture to my brother's phone. Since they did not know the phone number I typed in. Is this your sister Lisa? Then I sent it. Along with a little note. Please do not call the phone number it is not my phone.

I watch as he received the text. I watched as his eyes got really big. Mark look it's Lisa but why would they say not to call the phone number. You got me but who cares. I stood up and walked down the hall pounding on Viper's door. This fucking better be good waking me up. I held my phone out so he could see Lisa. This was just sent to my phone.

Where is that bar at? I do not know but New Yorker can look it up. Get it done now. Can you forward her picture to my phone? I shut the door and looked at her picture. Love, I might have found you. Please be there do not leave. You do not know how much I need you. I felt the tears flow down my face.

I looked at the happiness on his face that he finally got a lead on me. I smiled. Greta your daddy is going to find us. I got in the car and went to Walmart. As I was shopping I saw some bikers in the store. I felt eyes staring at me. Then one of the women leaned over and said I am sorry.

I looked at her and smiled. That's alright it happens. I then watched as she took the meat and walked back to her group. I heard I think that is Vipers woman. I pretended I did not hear her. I saw a few take their phones out and knew they were going to take a picture of me. I moved my cart and walked to get Milk. I made sure that I would have to turn to face them when I put the milk in my cart and they snapped the picture.

I walked on to pay for my food. As I walked out of the store and put the food my food in the Kia. I shut the back door and got into my car. I backed out and started driving away. Let's make it easy on them. I noticed the bike following me and it followed me all the way home. Of course, they drove past the house as I pulled into the driveway.

I carried everything in and put it away when I heard the bike ride by the house again. I went out the back and started my grill as I was grilling a few hamburgers and hot dogs. I wrapped potato in aluminum foil and put it on the grill. I then walked into the house and watched the monitor.

I saw Viper take his phone out and look at it. He then typed something and smiled like he had won the lottery. Look some of The Wild One MC saw her at Walmart in Fort Wayne Indiana. Let's go. I have her address. Mark and my brother stood up and I heard him yell New Yorker she has been seen and they sent me her address. We are headed to get my woman and bring her back home where she belongs.

I watched him walk out the door with the biggest smile on his face. I heard where are you three going. Mom I am going to bring my woman home where she belongs. I hope that you can assure her that you did not cheat. He screamed I did not cheat on her mom. I would never do that.

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