Vipers Woman

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Chapter 27: Lisa Goes Home

We are going home tomorrow. But not until I make love to you again showing how much I love you and want you. Viper did just that. We got up the next morning and took a shower. Of course, that shower took much longer than normal. We packed my clothes and closed the cabin up. He said I think we should use this for vacations or when we want to get away for a few weeks just to be alone. I think so as well I said.

Mark and Travis were leaning on their bikes when we walked out the door and locking it. Good to see you Lisa they said. I smiled and said good to see you two as well. Let's go home Viper said kissing me as I got into the car. He opened the back door and let Greta in. We backed out of the driveway and drove home to Vipers MC.

As we pulled into the club Viper told the prospects to unload my car and take my things to his room. We walked to the door and he had his arm around me. As we walked in a woman I knew was his mother walked over and kissed Viper then she turned and smiled at me. You must be Lisa. I am she hugged me and said welcome home. I made you all something to eat so let's go to the kitchen.

I was sitting at the whores table when the door opened and Viper, Mark, and Travis walked in. Wait, Viper had his arm around a tiny beautiful woman. Some of the whores said finally. Who is she I asked? That is Lisa the woman Viper has been looking for. He convinced her to come back with him. That is the woman he wants to claim as his Valkyrie?

She is. Hell none of us ever had a chance with him. She is downright beautiful. That she is. We bet you he will claim her tonight. He will give her the cut he has had for months. Well, maybe I can make her hate him to be suspicious of Viper. I would not try that. If you cause any problems we are going to beat the shit out of you ourselves. Leave them alone.

We walked out of the kitchen after eating and sat at the table. The club started filling as everyone received the text from Viper that I was home and he needed them present to claim me. Around 11:00 I stood up and pulled Lisa to the front of the club. Listen everyone. I turned and looked at Lisa and said "I Viper claim you, Lisa, as my woman." Lisa I not only want you to be my wife by biker law but he got down on one knee he said Lisa will you marry me legally and be my wife. I said yes I will marry you legally and be your wife and I accept your claim.

He stood up and put the most beautiful ring on my finger and he kissed me. He reached inside the box on the bar and took the cut out of it. It said Property of Viper and my road name is "firecracker." I started laughing. Firecracker I asked? Yes, you light up fast like a firecracker when you get angry. Everyone congratulated me and his mom and dad welcomed me into the family.

Viper yelled "I am taking my beautiful wife to bed" you all continue to celebrate I said picking Lisa up in my arms and walking down the hallway to our bedroom. As I walked into the door I shut it behind us and locked it. I stood Lisa up and lifted the shirt off and threw it across the room. I then unsnapped and unzipped her jeans pulling them and her underwear down her hips. I pushed her gently down on the bed and removed her shoes and socks and jeans and panties.

I stood up and took my clothes off and walked toward her. I watched as she reached out and wrapped her small hands around my cock and I took a breath. She leaned forward and licked the tip of my cock and moved her mouth down sucking and licking it. I threw my head back and said god that feels so good. She was sucking me like I was her own ice cream cone. Then she reached up with her other hand and played with my balls.

Lisa if you do not stop right now I will shot my load into your mouth. She continued to lick and sock my cock faster and my breathing increased until I grabbed her head and felt my cock jerk as I shot inside her mouth. Fuck that felt so good. As she swallowed my cum I shoved her back on the bed and lifted her legs over my shoulders. I proceeded to suck and lick her clit until she was moaning and I felt her thighs start to shake and she pushed herself up and she screamed my name.

I licked her juice and leaned forward and placed my cock at her entrance and pushed myself inside her until I felt my balls hit her ass. Faster Viper, she screamed as she met me slamming into her. I turned her around on her knees and slammed myself into her body. I reached around and rubbed her clit with my thumb and I felt her muscles tightening around my cock. I shot my seed in her and she sucked me dry.

Fuck baby that all felt so fucking good. I am hard again. I continued to make love to her for hours until we were so exhausted we fell asleep. I woke up and looked at the clock. I saw it was 10:00. Viper was still asleep. I grinned and scooted down the bed and lay between his legs. I started licking and sucking on his cock and it grew hard. I heard him moan and I started sucking and licking him moving my head faster until I felt his hips jerk. I heard Viper say fuck I am going to cum and he shot his seed into my mouth.

I crawled up his legs and onto his chest grinning. Baby, I loved being woken up like that. Now let me give you the same treatment. He rolled me onto my back and lifted my legs onto his shoulders. He licked and sucked my clit until I was screaming his name. I felt him slide three fingers in my pussy and he hit my G-Spot and I had orgasm after orgasm. Then he pushed his cock in me and slammed into my G-spot again over and over as he gave me four more orgasms.

Viper I love you I told him as we were getting our breaths back. I can not get enough of you. I want to make love to you all day long every day nonstop. I would love to do that baby but we have to get out of bed sometime. Not until we make love one more time I said pushing against him. I felt him moan and his cock grow hard. Lisa this is what you do to me. No other woman can do this to me or make me feel the way that you do.

We finally got out of bed and took a very, very long shower. We got out finally and got dressed. I put my cut on feeling pride that I belonged to him and he belonged to me. Lisa, I want you to always ask me or confront anything you see if what happened before happens again. I will never cheat on you. I will not hesitate to throw a bitch out of this club if they ever try that again.

I took her hand and we walked out of our room and shut the door. Oh, do not forget to ask me for a key to our room. We will be the only ones with a key. We walked down the hall and I noticed a new whore watching us. Who is the new whore I asked? I have no idea. She came after I kicked Linda out. I don't care who she is either. I have you. We walked to the kitchen and got our plates and coffee.

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