Vipers Woman

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Chapter 28; Viper Calls Sandy's Father

I was going to work at the tattoo shop today as the receptionist. Today Viper was going to be working on tattoos. After we ate we walked out and got on his bike and rode to town. Viper parked his bike and we got off and walked into the shop. I kissed Viper as I walked behind the desk and he went to his area. I looked up as the door opened and saw a pretty woman walk in.

Hello, my name is Sandy I have an appointment with Viper. I will let him know I said standing up and walking toward the back. Hey bitch she said. I turned and said excuse me. Why are you wearing a cut that says property of Viper? Because I am his wife. You are his what she screamed. His wife. He is not married. I would know if he was or was not married I said.

Just than Viper walked up to the front. Sandy why are you screaming I asked. She said she is your wife. She is my wife. When did you get married? Two days ago why do you ask? My dad said he was going to make a contract with your club but that you would claim me as your woman. I do not know what the hell you are talking about Sandy.

Yes, we do have contracts with different clubs to be allies but we never and I mean never agree to take those members' daughters as our women. So you are mistaken if that was ever going to happen. I do not know where you got the idea I would claim you. Lisa is my woman and wife. I will have no other woman. So if your dad thought that you can tell him that is not going to happen.

No, I will talk to him myself. If you still want a tat someone else will work with you. If you do not want that then you can leave right now. We watched as she opened the door walked through it and slammed it. I will be in my office honey, I have a phone call to make. Why don’t you come with me?

Viper took my hand and we walked to his office he walked around his desk and set me on his lap. I watched as he picked up the phone and dialed a number. He put it on speaker. Hardcore this is Viper. I want to know just what the hell you told Sandy? I do not know what you are talking about Viper. Sandy was here and for some reason she thinks that by us becoming allies she was part of the contract.

Viper what the hell are you talking about? Sandy said that you told her I would claim her as my woman. That is not and cannot happen. We do not work that way. She was pissed when she saw my wife and woman wearing her cut in the shop. She disrespected my woman calling her a bitch. I will talk to her Viper. And congratulation on claiming your woman.

You better talk to her. I do not put up with anyone disrespecting Lisa. And Sandy needs to understand that she needs to show respect to my wife or she is no longer welcome at my club or in my shop. Just then Lisa and I heard a door slam and Sandy scream at her dad. That I had claimed a woman and she wanted him to make me get rid of her and make me claim her.

We then heard him tell Sandy that is not going to happen. You had no right to tell Viper and his wife that I promised that Viper would claim you so we could be allies. Look Viper I need to go. I have to deal with Sandy and her temper tantrum. Thank you for calling and letting me know what was going on. I hope this does not stop us from becoming allies. It won’t stop us if you do not get pissed if my wife puts Sandy in her place if they ever meet again and Sandy runs her mouth and tells her lies.

Viper, if Sandy continues that behavior by all means your wife can put her in her place even if she has to beat the shit out of Sandy to let her know not to mess with her or you. Again thank you for calling. Viper hung up the phone and then he shoved the things on his desk. He lifted me on the desk and pulled my jeans and pants down. Then he proceeded to suck and lick my clit. He unsnapped his and unzipped his jeans pulling them down his hips and pushed his cock in me.

Faster baby, faster. I met each of his thrusts and started to scream his name but he started kissing me. I felt my muscles tighten around his cock and spasm. We were breathing so hard it took several minutes for our breathing to return to normal. We put our clothes back on before leaving the office. I am going to love having you working here with me.

We can sneak into my office and make love whenever we want. I laughed as we walked out the door. I walked up to the front and started working.

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