Vipers Woman

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Chapter 29: At The Scorpion MC

I hung up the phone and looked at Sandy with anger in my eyes. I slapped her across the face and she fell to the ground. How dare you call Vipers wife a bitch. You spoiled little shit. I never told you that in order to make this alliance that Viper would claim you as his woman. He never asked for your hand and he never would.

You think that just because I am your father you can treat people with disrespect. But father I want to be married to Viper. That is is not going to happen. Even if he was single he would not want a bitch like you for his wife. No one wants you as their wife because you think you are above everyone.

How dare you talk to our daughter like that I heard her mother yell. You shut up before I slap you as well. You brought her up to think that she can have everything she wants. It is time she finds out that she is not getting everything she wants. As a matter of fact, I gave Vipers wife permission to beat the shit out of you if you ever disrespect her again.

I will not have you going into his shop again do you hear me? Yes, father. If you disrespect another President and his Valkyrie I will marry you off to someone that you do not want as a husband. Viper has been my friend since we were in high school. I wish to god I had waited like he did to find the perfect woman.

A woman who is not selfish and demanding like you two are. You want to act like a bitch I sure as hell can make you one if you get my meaning. You would not do that to your daughter. Oh, but I would. Sit down both of you. I picked up the phone and said doc bring the tests in now. What are you doing Hardcore? As the doctor walked in he took the something out of a package and walked over to me.

Open your mouth, please. What for? Just open your mouth. I watched as my so-called daughter opened her mouth. He swabbed her mouth and placed it in a tube closing the tube and wrote her name on it. Next, he walked over to my wife and said Karen, open your mouth. He swabbed her mouth and then he swabbed my mouth. I watched as Karen's face got white.

I will have the test completed within the hour. Call me with the results. I watched as Karen said that she and Sandy were going to her father's house. Karen sit down you are not going anywhere. I stared at Karen with hard eyes. My phone rang an hour later. Hardcore you were right. She is not your daughter. Thank you doc.

I walked over and slapped Karen. Who is her father because it sure is not me? She is your daughter. No, she is not. That was a DNA test. She is not related to me. So who is her father? Karen if you do not tell me right fucking now you will go to my cells. Who is her father I screamed at her? I do not know for sure. I laughed. So you needed to get married fast and I had money and was the president of my club so you chose me.

Take her to the cells. We will get the truth out of her if we have to beat it out of her. No, I screamed. I will tell you who her father is. Her father was Mayhem. Was? He died during a drug run. So I said grinning. What was Mayhem MC? The Cobra MC. I picked up the phone and dialed the Cobra MC. I said can I speak to Bullet, please? Who is calling? Hardcore. Hello, Hardcore it has been a long time. What can I do for you?

I have do know if any of Mayhem's family are still with your MC. Yes, his brother is why do you ask? I just had a DNA test done on my supposed daughter. She is not my daughter. Karen finally admitted that her father was Mayhem. You are shitting me? No, I am not. If you are fine with it I will be sending his niece to live with him. I need for you to know she may cause some problems at your club.

Karen raised her to think that if she sees something she wants she is entitled to receive it. I think it is time she has another DNA test done and if Mayhem was her father that she gets to know her biological family. Please bring her over right now. If she is Mayhem's daughter she should be here in his club. We will also make sure she learns manners and that she is not entitled to everything she wants. She will have to earn those things and she will learn what hard work is.

Thank you we will be there within the hour. I hung up the phone and said get both your asses in the truck right now. I drove my truck to the Cobra MC. When we walked into the club I said hello Bullet. I saw a man sitting in a chair next to him. The doctor swabbed his mouth, Karen's mouth, and Sandy's mouth. This is mayhem's brother. My name is Shooter and so help me god Karen if she is my brother's child she will move here to live.

She will not be given everything she wants. She will get a job and earn the money to pay for what she wants. It will not just be handed to her. And if she so much as talks back and is disrespectful she will be punished. We do not spoil our children here. An hour later the results were back. Shooter, she is your niece.

Well then, Hardcore you can leave her here. She will not be needing those expensive clothes. Sandy you will start earning your keep here. You will assist Hammer in the kitchen. I bet you can not cook and have never washed a dish in your life. You will help make breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You will wash all the dishes, sweep and mop the kitchen floors. On Wednesdays, you will help clean the clubhouse which includes sweeping making beds, doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms, and anything else your grandmother tells you to do.

You will not be privileged here. Even though I am the enforcer of this club. You earn everything. Do you understand me? Now, Hardcore you may send over any jeans, t-shirts, three or four nice dresses, and shoes, her make-up, but nothing expensive or fancy. No expensive jewelry. She can have tennis shoes, boots, and training outfits. That is all.

You cannot do that Karen yelled. You cannot let her stay here. Oh but yes I can and I am. Mom, you have to stop this right now. Shut up, Sandy. You are living here now and you will obey the rules. You will not like your punishment if you break them. And not one club member, prospect, or whore will listen to you. Do you all hear that I said? Yes, Hardcore we understand. Now, when her things get here she will be shown the bedroom she will be using. You will start your chores on Monday. We will after all give you the weekend off.

I will have her things sent over by 4:00 tonight. Good-by Sandy. Karen lets go. But Hardcore you are not leaving your daughter in this filthy place. I stopped and looked at her. She is not my daughter. She is where she belongs. With her biological family. And may I remind you this is the MC you were raised in. So do not be rude and disrespectful or you can stay here too.

Oh, Karen please continue to be rude and disrespectful we would so enjoy seeing you back here and put in your place. You always thought you were better than everyone else. So high and mighty.

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