Vipers Woman

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Chapter 30: Hardcore Contacts Viper

When I arrived back at my compound I walked up to Sandy's room and over to her dresser. I through 7 pairs of jeans, 7 t-shirts, 7 bras, and 7 pairs of underwear on the bed. Next, I went through her dressed and threw four of them on the bed. I threw three pairs of high heels and two pairs of boots on the bed. Next, I looked through her tennis shoes and put three pairs of them on the bed.

I next walked into the bathroom and grabbed a basket and put her toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant. Body spray, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in it. Next, I added her hairbrush some hair bands and all her makeup. I carried the basket into the bedroom and placed that on the bed.

I walked down the stairs and told two prospects to get boxes and to pack everything on Sandy's bed and transport it to the Cobra MC. I walked into my office and called Viper. Hello, he said. Viper this is Hardcore. I have something to discuss with you. I already had my suspension but I had Sandy take a DNA test. She is not my daughter. She is Mayhem's daughter. She will not be bothering you again over our alliance. I just wanted you to know that should she try to use me to get things she wants.

I am so sorry to hear that Hardcore. But thank you for letting me know. If I hear of her trying to use your name in any way to get the things she wants I will be sure to notify you. Thank you I said before hanging up. I then called Bullet. Bullet I was not thinking when I left your club. My prospects are on their way there with her things. Can you please go threw her pocketbook and take any credit cards she may have on her as well as checks? Please send them back here with my prospects. I never thought about that Hardcore. I will take care of it he said before hanging up.

After hanging up I walked over to Sandy. Give me your pocketbook. What for? Just hand it over or I will take it from you. I searched her wallet and removed four credit cards, and a checkbook. I handed her pocketbook back. You can not take those. They belong to me. Not anymore. Hardcore asked that we take them from you. I would also not try to get new ones because I bet he has already taken you off any accounts he has.

I picked up my phone again and called the banks and had Sandy and Karen's names taken off my accounts. I next called my attorney and asked that he come to the house today around 5:00 tonight and to bring his laptop. After that, I walked out of my office and asked my VP Brick to come and talk to me. We walked to my office. Brick how many of our club members have daughters the same age as Sandy and who could wear Sandy's clothes. We have about 10. Can you please have them bring them here and let me know when they get here? Sure he said walking out of the office.

About 20 minutes later Brick walked in and said they are here. I walked out of my office and said follow me please and told the prospects to bring boxes to Sandy's room. I walked into the room and walked over to the closet. Take what you want. I sat down in the chair and they looked at me and said. Really? Anything? Anything. In about 30 minutes each girl took what they wanted and all the clothes hanging up were gone. Now chose the shoes. Each girl chose what they wanted and they were gone. Now go threw the dressers.

In an hour all the clothes and hair products, perfumes, were gone. See those jewelry boxes? There were 15 of them Each of you pick one and take it. Now the last five go threw it and take what you want. But Hardcore this jewelry is expensive. Take it. Everything was gone and each girl hugged me and thanked me. The prospects carried the boxes down and loaded them in their father's trucks.

Their parents tried to make them give it back and I told them no. Everything is theirs now. Did Sandy die they asked? No, I will explain in church and then your men will discuss it with you when they get home. I turned and looked at a prospect and told them to remove the furniture and donate it to goodwill. The room was bare when I walked back into it.

Karen was walking down the hall when she screamed at me. Where are all of Sandy's things? I said they did not belong to Sandy. They belonged to my daughter and she is not my daughter. I do not have a daughter. I gave everything away. But you can't do that she screamed. As a matter of fact Karen. I want you to pack your things and get out. Wait I grabbed her wrist and dragged her to the top of the stairs.

Hello, listen to me. I divorce Karen for being a lying bitch. She told me that I was the father of Sandy. It is not true. Sandy is Mayhem's daughter. Sandy no longer lives here. She lives at the Cobra MC. Now again Prospects please get more boxes and assist Karen with packing her things and transport her to the Cobra MC. She is no longer my wife and banned from this MC. Good-bye and good riddance but first hand over all your credit cards and checkbook.

I took the items from her and walked to my office. I had known for years that she was using me but I did not want to accept it. I am 28 years old. I was 16 when I married Karen because she told me I got her pregnant. She ruined my life.

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