Vipers Woman

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Chapter 31: April The New Whore

I watched as Viper kissed Lisa before walking out the door. I want him and I am going to do whatever it takes to get him. He may not claim me as he is technically already married but that doesn't mean that I can't get him in my bed. She doesn't have to know. I watched as Lisa walked out the door. I walked over to the window and watched as she walked out of the gate and to the house next door. I wonder why she is going over there.

I then turned and looked across the compound and saw that Viper was working at the garage. I saw a car pull in and a woman gets out. I watched as she talked to viper leaning against the car. Then she put her hand on his chest and then he reached up and removed it. I watched as she got into the car and drove out of the compound. What I did not see was Lisa standing on the other side of the fence watching Viper.

I started to walk around the fence when I heard the sound of bikes coming down the road. I watched as about five members of the Cobra MC rode into the compound and park. I saw that Sandy was on the back of one of the bikes. As she took the helmet off I heard her say 'Uncle Shooter I am going to go and talk to Viper".

I heard the man tell her she was not going to do anything but what she is told. Then I watched as another member walked over and talked to Viper. I then saw Viper look over at Sandy with a frown. What the hell is that bitch up to now I asked. I walked around the fence and toward Viper. As I reached him he put his arm around me and said meet Bullet the president of the Cobra MC.

Bullet meet my woman and wife Lisa. You are married and claimed a woman? When did this happen? We just got back home a few days ago. To be honest she left me a few months ago and I have spent most of my time chasing her down. I finally found her and talked her into coming home. Anyway, what are you doing here Bullet?

I watched as he looked over toward Sandy. Sandy says that she is pregnant and you are the father. Like hell I am. I have never touched that woman. I would not touch her with your dick. She is a spoiled brat who thinks she can get what she wants. I never touched her let alone be alone with her. I do not trust her and she knows that. Well, let us go to your office and see what she has to say.

Let's go then I held Lisa's hand as we walked toward the club doors. Come on Shooter, Sandy lets go. As we entered my office I sat down behind my desk and sat Lisa on my lap. So Sandy tell us why you are here I said. I'm pregnant and you are the father so you have to divorce her and claim me as your woman. I grinned and said.

So, you are saying you are pregnant and I am the father. Yes, tell me, Sandy. Just when and where did I fuck you? What do you mean? Just when and where did I fuck you? two months ago and during the party, you had here at your club. Is that right? Where did I fuck you? Your room. What does my room look like Sandy? I don't know. Well if I fucked you in my room you would know the color of my walls and what my bed looks like.

Your walls are white and your bed is a big wooden bed. We will walk up there and look at it. And I guess you have proof you are pregnant. You have seen a doctor? No. We can fix that today. I have a doctor on staff that can examine you. He doesn't half to do that. Yes, she does. Now let us go look at my room.

We walked out of the office and up the stairs to my room. I opened the door and walked in. As we walked in I looked at her face. My walls are painted a light blue and my bed is a king-sized metal bed. I leaned against the wall still holding Lisa's hand. So I fucked you in my room Sandy? You could have painted the walls and got a new bed. I didn't have time to do all of that because when I was not working, or attending meetings I was looking for my woman who had run away.

Now let's get that examination done I said. I don't want to be examined by your doctor. I looked at Bullet as he turned and looked at Sandy. Oh, but you will. Let's go. We then walked to the doctor's office. Kelly, I need for you to examine Sandy here to see if she is pregnant I told her. You will all need to wait in the bar. I will bring her to you when I am finished.

I handed her a gown and after she changed I took blood tests and had her urinate in a cup. I then poured that onto the pregnancy test. I learned a long time ago that some girls will get someone who is pregnant to pee on the test and then they bring it with them. I then examined her and found that she was still a virgin.

Tell me, Sandy, why go through all of this knowing you had never had sex and therefore are not pregnant? I wanted Viper to divorce that bitch and claim me as his woman. I sat back and said get dressed. Sandy, you do know that a man cannot just divorce his woman, don't you? He has to request it to his president and then in order for the decision to be made he has to have a very good reason. I have grown up in this MC and I can tell you that a divorce has never been granted to a man yet. A woman was granted the divorce and it was because she was smart. She made her man sign a contract.

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