Vipers Woman

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Chapter 32: The Truth Comes Out

I walked Sandy to the table and told them it was impossible for Sandy to be pregnant as she was still a virgin. I watched as she looked over to Shooter and saw the anger on his face we are so sorry about this Viper. We will punish Sandy for causing all this trouble. I watched as they stood and dragged Sandy out of the door. As I pulled Sandy to my bike I growled. How old are you Sandy? I’m 16 why?

Because you are going to get your first ass beating that’s why. Get on the bike. As we arrived back at our club I dragged Sandy to the club. I was unbuckling my belt as we entered. I hooked my foot around a chair leg and dragged it to the middle of the floor. I pulled my belt out of my jeans and shoved Sandy across my lap and started to beat her ass. Each time I slapped her I said you will never lie again about anything.

I must have hit her about 10 times and she was screaming she hated me and this place. When I finished I shoved her off my legs and onto the floor. Now, you will not go anywhere unsupervised, and not only will you work in the kitchen you will work in the garage. You will clean the garage sweeping the floors and office and at the end of the day, you will mop the office floors and bathroom floors. You will be watched at school which by the way you will not be attending your old school. You will go to school with the teens of this club.

You will also be putting in applications at Wendy’s, Burger King, McDonald’s, and even some nursing homes. Now go to your room you are not to come out unless it is to eat or do your chores. Get I yelled. I watched as she stood up and ran to the hallway. We take it she lied about Viper? Hell yes, she did. She has never even had sex before. Now I see why Hardcore warned us.

This girl is going to be nothing but trouble for us. I think we might have to send her away to school. An all-girls school which is pretty well guarded. She will receive the discipline that she needs. I think we look for the most restrictive school and hold it over her head. There is a navy school I think she should attend our enforcer Matt said. It is the Admiral Farragut Academy, here is the address he said handing a card to me 501 Park Street North St. Parkersburg, FL 33710

I think we need to get some brochures sent here. That way she can see that we are serious. This is going to be very interesting. I will be right back I said. I am going to find a phone number and call them. I talked to the registration and got Sandy enrolled. She will need to be there in one week. I will be taking her to Florida.

I said we should go and talk to her and let her know that she will be leaving the club and moving to Florida. We will be leaving in two days. Bullet and I walked down the hall and knocked on her bedroom door. We walked in and I told Sandy where she is going in two days. I screamed at them that I was not going to Florida to a boarding school in Florida and one that is a Navel school. You can't make me go I yelled.

Oh, but I can. I am your guardian and it is time that you learn respect for other people. So you will either go willingly or I will tie you up and you can ride there on the floor of the van. That decision is yours. Oh, and don't think of climbing out of the window. I pointed toward her window as bars were being put up. And you have a guard outside your bedroom door. So you won't be leaving until it is time to go to Florida. I turned and walked out the door shutting it behind me.

As the door shut we heard something hit it. I laughed and said. I will be happy to have her out of this club and off my hands for a while. She is so fucking spoiled it is not funny. Just wait until Karen finds out her little baby is going to a boarding school. We both laughed. She is going to lose her mind. I heard that Hardcore kicked her out of his house and club. I hope she does come back here.

Bullet you are thinking about making her a club whore again aren't you? I just bet her precious little girl does not know that her mother was a club whore here and that her father would never claim her mother as his woman or wife. And that she would never have had her father's last name? This is going to be so good. I just bet Karen told her that she was a good girl.

As we walked out of the hallway and entered the club we saw Karen standing there. Well speaking of the devil. What can we do for you, Karen? I would like to know if I can come back to the club? You do know what you will be doing right? I know that I will only come back as a club whore again. You will have to sign a contract. What contract? We have rules the whores follow now and it includes who is off-limits to them.

It also talks about the punishment for each rule broken. and you have chores to do now. You no longer just sit around doing nothing. As you can see this clubhouse is clean and we like it that way. It will be helping cook, clean the kitchen, do laundry for all the men, sweep and mop bathrooms, that sort of thing. Alright, let me see the contract.

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