Vipers Woman

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Chapter 33: Bullet

Ever since we returned to the club I could not get Viper's woman out of my mind. She reminds me of someone I have seen a few times. I wanted the woman but she belongs to a rival MC. She is treated like a sex slave for the president who is a piece of shit. I wonder if she is related to Lisa. She could be Lisa's sister. I want to have a reason to rescue her from the Rough Rider MC's president Spider.

I have her picture on my phone. I wonder if anyone has looked into Lisa's background? Ask Travis, Viper's VP if he has other siblings. I called Viper and asked if he and Travis could come to my club for a meeting. They will be here in an hour. In the meantime, I am enjoying the shit that the other whores and my men are putting Karen through. Sandy was pissed that she is not legit and her mother had lied to her all her life about her past.

I was deep in my thoughts when the door opened and I heard my name being called. I looked up and saw Viper and Travis standing there. Sorry, I was thinking. We could see that Viper said. I stood up and said let's talk in my office. Once in the office, I looked at Travis and asked him the question that could make him and myself happy or me sad.

Travis do you have an older sister you and Lisa have not talked about? Why do you ask? I have seen a woman being held at the Rough Rider MC. Not going to lie. I want her and besides, that bastard does not treat women with respect. He is a piece of shit. We know who he is. So, do you have an older sister? Yes, we have a sister who is 8 years older than we are. She was taken when she was 16 years old.

What do you mean by taken? We were outside talking when Peggy was talking to a friend on the sidewalk. Lisa and I ran inside to grab a few bottles of pop and as we walked out onto the porch a van pulled up and four men jumped out and took Peggy and her best friend Beth. That was five years ago. She would be 21 years old this year. She and Beth had never been found. The police said they were most likely taken to be sold into prostitution.

Would this be your sister I asked showing him a picture of the woman I want kneeling on their knees one on each side of Spider? I saw Travis stand up and throw his chair at the wall. I am going to kill that son of a bitch. She is your sister Peggy? Yes, and the other woman is Beth her best friend. I want that son of a bitch's head on a silver platter I screamed. Brother we will help rescue your sister and her friend. And any other fucking woman he is holding at his club.

We will destroy his club is what we will do. Listen Travis we have to do this the right way. I need you to calm down. And we do not say anything to Lisa. After I calmed down I looked at Bullet. So you fell for my sister, did you? I did. You do know that she will be terrified and it could be difficult for her to learn to trust you. I know that two. My VP, Shooter wants Beth. We need someone to get into his club.

Travis why are you grinning. I will tell you why. I have two buddies who just got out of the. They would be perfect. Let me call them and have them come here. They are at our club right now. I called Knuckles, and Gunner and asked them to come to the Cobra MC. 15 minutes later we heard bikes pull in. A prospect brought them to Bullets' office. Sit down, guys. What's up Travis. We let them in on the plan. Are you telling us that this bastard has had your sister and her friend all this time?

Yes, we believe that he has. Show them the picture. No woman should be treated like a fucking dog. He has no right to do that. We need someone to get on the inside. We will do it. So you will go to their bar and get into a fight with some men there. Get Spider's attention. Beat his fucking VP and Enforcers asses. That will get his attention. We saw them look at each other and high five.

These two are someone you differently want to have your back. They know how to get things done. Where is the bar? We told them and they stood up. No time like the present to get familiar with it. We will call you when we need you or if we get any information. And by the way brother they said looking at Travis we play it real. We just got out of the service so if they check us out no problems.

We will get you what is needed pictures of the club, any cameras, we know what to do so don't worry. These women should be free in a few week's time. So don't call us. We will call you. Got it. We know how to do the talking so that is one less worry. It sure is. Alright then. We will see you at the time of extraction. We watched as they walked out of the office and heard them ride away.

My sister and Beth are finally coming home. I wish mom and dad were alive to see her one more time before they died. Well, there is nothing we can do until we hear from the guys. We will keep in touch Bullet. As we walked out of the door we saw Karen sitting at the whores table. She is back so Hardcore must have divorced her. He did. And Sandy is going to a military school next week. Good to know.

We were halfway across the floor when Sandy ran over and hugged Viper. You changed your mind and came for me. Get the fuck off me bitch. I did not change my mind nor did I come back for you. Oh, Bullet I forgot to tell you. Lisa is pregnant. We are planning our wedding after the baby is born and we are having a BBQ this weekend. Don't bring her or Karen. It is family. We will be there Viper.

I shoved Sandy to the floor and walked on out of the door. I heard her screaming. That bitch is pregnant. I should be the one pregnant, not her. Then a slap. We heard Shooter tell Sandy we don't hit women but you put me at the breaking point. Now go to your room and do not come out unless it is to eat and time for us to leave for boarding school.

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