Vipers Woman

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Chapter 34 Spider's Bar

Gunner and I arrived at Spider's club. We have to say it is a piece of shit on the outside. We were wearing our Marine jackets. We walked into the club and over to the bar. Beer, we said. You, fellows just get out of the Marines? Yes, our first time back home and it feels good to be out and civilians again. However, it feels as if we don't belong. What's your name friend? Knuckles.

I can see you have a lot of anger built up inside of you. War has a way of doing that to you I said. Yes, it does. I have an anger problem. I also have difficulty when people disrespect me. And your friend he said looking at me. I am Gunner and the same. Knuckles and I were buddies in the Marines. He got me out of more trouble than I can count.

Well, you can fight but take it outside. We don't plan on getting into any unless we have to. Oh, I think you two will be fighting today. Just make sure and knock their asses out. Once you have them down don't let them get up. You are in the Rough Rider MC territory. They like to test new men they may be interested in. That table over there in the corner.

The man with the two girls on each side of him. That is Spider the president. You sound like you don't like him. I don't half the men here don't like him or the way he runs the club or treats women. He took over last year when his dad died. No one is willing to challenge him for president tittle. He is one sneaky bastard. His VP and enforcer are pussy's. They will not fight a fair fight. They carry knives. Got you.

We walked over and sat down at a table where we could watch Spider. It made me sick to see those girls on their knees next to him with dog collars around their necks and chains attached to the walls and then the collars made us want to gut him. I heard one of the girls crying and saw that Spider was watching us. He dragged the girl in front of him with her ass facing him.

That fucker was going to rape her right in front of everyone. We watched him showing no emotions. But we wanted to kill him. He just jammed his fucking cock in her ass and we saw blood flowing down her legs. She screamed and the more she screamed the more he liked it. We did notice that almost all the men turned their heads refusing to watch what he was doing.

We respected them for that. We also noticed that most of them had balled their hands into fists. They did not like what he was doing either. I touched Gunner's foot and grinned. We just watched him and it bothered him that we showed no emotions on our face and our body language remained relaxed and calm. We never show emotions to those we do not trust or like. But given the chance both of us will beat the shit out of him.

After I finished with the girl I told my VP to get her cleaned up. I wanted to test these marines. They did not show anger over what I did. They did not show anything. It was as if they had no heart. They kind of scare me. And they showed no fear of me. I did not like that but yet I did. I want them at my club. I called my enforcer over. I want those two in my club. Test them. I want to see if they are as hard as they look.

I watched as my enforcer grabbed four other men and walked over to the table they were sitting at. I saw my enforcer say something to one of the men and then that man just knocked him out with one punch. He didn't even say one word back to him. Next, the two soldiers grabbed the other men and threw them out the door following behind them.

We all got up and walked outside to watch the fight. Took them no time to take the knives from my men and shove them in their arms or legs. Then one of the soldiers turned and threw the knife and it landed in the wall by my head. Fuck. Fucker, do not ever mess with soldiers who have been at war. And never try to sneak upon us. That is a good way to get yourself killed.

I am the president of the Rough Rider MC. Names Spider. Would you like to join me at my table? I have a propitiation for you two. We walked over and sat down looking at Spider. New beers were put in front of us. Take them back. We want our beers unopened. smart men. She walked back and handed us the unopened beers. We opened them and took a drink.

How would you like to join my club? What is in it for us? You seem to be in charge he said looking at me. I am. Name is Knuckles and this is Gunner. I just looked at him. I need a new VP and an enforcer. Knuckles would you like to be my new VP and Gunner my enforcer? He doesn't talk much and that can intimate others. He also gives off the signal not to touch him or fuck with him.

If we do become your new VP and Enforcer we might make changes to your club. We do not like to live in filth. And we like clean bedrooms and floors. I am alright with that I said. So, do you want the jobs? We looked at each other and Gunner nodded his head. We will take the jobs. Good. I think we will make a good team. You can follow us back to our club. Prospect he yelled. Put the girls in the van and take them back to the club.

We watched as a prospect unchained the girls and walked them outside. They looked like they had no light left in them. I knew they had PTSD. They were like puppets. I did not like that. I had seen it too much during the war. It made me sick.

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