Vipers Woman

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Chapter 35: The Rough Rider MC

Gunner and Knuckles walked into the club and frowned. This place is filthy. Why don't you make the whores clean this place I asked? Because they are always on their backs or knees. We walked over and sat down at a table. Beers were brought to us unopened. We looked around and noticed that they have no cameras, that is good.

We watched how the men did not respect the women here. They would just throw them across a table and take them with force. Most of the girls looked young. I saw Travis's sister, Peggy, and her friend Beth being walked in. They had no recognition of anything in their eyes. They kneeled on the floor. How long have you had them I asked? Since they were about 17 years old. I would say five years now. I am ready for some new pussy. They don't even respond anymore.

Do you want them? I looked them over and said I like that one pointing at Peggy. Knuckles didn't say anything but I know he will take care of Beth. Here, they are yours. What? I mean it. I have two new ones coming any second. Just then the door opened and we turned and saw two girls being pulled across the room. They can't be more than 13 and 14 years old.

We have to get this over with within a few weeks. He is going to destroy these girls. It's late why don't I have a prospect take you to your rooms. Take your girls with you. We stood up and took the girl's hands and followed the prospects. He showed us our rooms which were next to each other. We all walked into my room. I turned the radio on and we wrote what we wanted to say.

He is one sneaky bastard. I don't trust him and I know he is afraid of us. I don't see any cameras but do a sweep for them anyway and for bugs. I will do it tonight. We need to find out how many guards there are and the times they walk the grounds. We have to get the girls out of here including those new ones. I will talk to you in the morning. I walked into the bathroom and burned the paper and flushed it down the toilet.

I looked at the woman standing by the door. I took her hand and walked her into the bathroom. I turned on the shower and then undressed her. She just stood there. I undressed in pulled her into the shower with me. I washed her hair and body and saw all the bruises and scars on her. I then washed. I turned the shower off and stepped out wrapping a towel around me.

I grabbed my backpack and pulled out short and put them on. Then I dried Peggy off and put one of my tee shirts on her. I pulled the blanket and sheet back from the bed. At least the sheets are clean. I put her in the bed and covered her. I then locked the door. before climbing on the other side of the bed. I got up and grabbed a chair and slid it under the doorknob and put my gun under my pillow.

I then turned off the lights. I slowly opened my eyes and sat up in the bed. I looked over and saw that Peggy was still sleeping. I got dressed and put my cut on before sitting in the chair and watching her. While she was asleep I got out my phone which has an app that can detect hidden camera's listening devices.

I went around the room and when I got to the radio I found a hidden camera in it, and a hidden camera in a picture across from the bed. I found a listening device in the bathroom under the medicine cabinet. In the bedroom, a listening device was behind the mirror on the dresser. I removed them and put them on the dresser. I then went around the room again and found one under the bed. And drawer in the bedside table. I put them all on the dresser and then I text Knuckles and told him to use the app on his phone and how many cameras and listening devices I found.

I heard a knock on my door and Knuckle was standing there with Beth wearing one of his tee shirts. He too had given her a bath. He had his devices and cameras in his hand. We need to buy them clothes. They can't wear our tee-shirts all the time. I agree. We can ask the club whores to borrow jeans, shoes, and shirts for them to wear.

Let us go to eat. We took the girl's hands and walked down the hall to the stairs. As we got to the bottom of the steps we found the kitchen and walked in. We sat the girls down and got a plate for them and us. As we sat down a club member said they can't eat. I looked at him and said. I am the new VP and she belongs to me now. She will eat and she will not be touched by anyone.

We fed the girls and then ate our own breakfast. We walked into the bar and over to the table. We reached into our pockets and threw the cameras and listening devices on the table. We don't like to be watched or have someone listen in on what goes on in our bedrooms.

I knew you two were smart. Now I want to know if the girls have any clothes. They do. I will have them sent to your rooms. Another thing. They belong to us and no one ever touches them. I understand. Good. Now I think you need to have your whores start cleaning that kitchen. And this club. You're the VP order it to be done. I will have both your cuts ordered today.

Good. I also need to know what you expect from us. We will discuss that in my office. The girls can stay in your rooms while we talk. We took the girls to our rooms and turned the tv on for them. Stay here and do not open the door for anyone I said. I walked out and locked it.

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