Vipers Woman

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Chapter 36: Meeting With Spider

We met with Spider in his office. We are a 1% club. We deal with drugs, guns, women. And I have the strip bar. I will take you there this weekend. You will be in charge of the bar and making sure that you bring the money to me at the end of the night. You might go out on some runs with me but not for a few months. Instead, I will have you run the club while I am gone. Got you I said.

That's about it I said. Alright then. Do you have a garage here? We do. Do you work on motors? I do. We both do. You are more than welcome to help out if you want. We would like to get this club cleaned first. That's fine with me. Do what you have to do to feel more at home. Being clean must come from the military. It does. They don't like dirt.

Alright, I guess you want to start in the kitchen I will announce that you are the new VP and Knuckles the enforcer. Let's go. We walked out and Spider said listen up. This is Gunner. He is our new VP and Knuckles there is our enforcer. Neither of these men like dirt so you sluts are about to get off your asses and do some cleaning.

I will leave Gunner to tell you what he wants to be done. I want five whores to follow me into the kitchen. I will be back soon. I said you, five come with me. I want all the cupboards cleaned out and washed down. I want all the plates, cups, silverware, pots, and pants put in the dishwasher and then put away after the cupboards are washed inside and out. I want the sink scrubbed clean and the counters, stove, refrigerator, and table scrubbed. Then the floors swept and mopped. I will check on you soon.

I pulled my phone out and checked for hidden cameras. I found none in the kitchen. No cameras or listening devices. I then walked out to the bar. I want you whores to scrub all the tables and chairs in this bar and wash the walls down. Then scrub the bar sweep and mop the floors. They just sat there. Get your asses up now I yelled. They jumped up and started getting buckets of hot water and soap and started cleaning.

I scanned the bar for listening devices and cameras. Again I found none. Knuckles was upstairs with the girls watching TV. I sat down and looked out the window and watched the women cleaning. An hour later I walked to the kitchen and saw that the kitchen walls had even been washed including the windows. The place smelled really good. You woman are doing a good job.

It looks so much better. Do any of you cook? I do a woman said. From now on your job is to cook and clean the kitchen. Three meals a day. Make a list of what you will need and we will send a prospect for everything. You can start making something for lunch for everyone. The rest continued to clean the kitchen.

I poured a cup of coffee and turned to walk into the bar when Spider walked in. Jesus Christ, it smells good in here. She is the new cook and she is making lunch for everyone. It should be ready in an hour. I like it. A clean kitchen. Hell, I didn't even know the walls were white. Because no one cleaned them. Doing a good job Gunner. I walked out and sat at the table and watched the women work.

The bar was looking really good and starting to smell even better. The tables were cleaned and you could tell the chairs were a light brown. Three hours later it was lunchtime. You all can take a break and eat lunch. The men started walking in and when they walked in the kitchen they said what the hell did we get a new kitchen? No, it just got washed down. I watched as the whore put the Salad, garlic bread, and lasagna in the middle of the table.

My god, this smells good. We also have it good now. This whore who is Rhonda will be the new cook. This is wonderful they said. We have never had food at the club that tastes this good before. After they finished eating the whores came in and got their food.

When they all ate Rhonda cleaned the table and started the dishwasher. She had several roasts in the oven cooking with carrots, potatoes, and other vegetables. I walked back to the bar and saw that the women had none a really good job at cleaning. You all can take a break and sit down. Thank you ladies for cleaning the place up. It looks and smells 100% better.

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