Vipers Woman

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Chapter 37: Travis

My name is Travis. Peggy is my sister. I received the pictures of the Spiders club inside. They have not been outside yet. They reported that club members are lazy and it will be very easy to take over this club. Most of the men don't even like Spider. I doubt they would fight us much.

Gunner stated that he needed to let me know everything even though It may hurt and make me pissed off. He told me to let the anger build up and take out on Spider. He told me that the first time they met Spider he raped her. Raped her in her ass and she had blood running down her legs. He stated that they had to show no emotions. But they were angry and they did want to kill him.

I got a text and it made me happier. Gunner reported that Spider gave Peggy to him and Knuckles is taking care of Beth. He stated there is no life in either of the girls and they have to bath, feed, and dress them. This is going to piss you off. Spider gave the girls to him because he got two new ones. They looked to be 10 and 15 years old.

We have to move soon. I am the VP now. I can go in and out of the office. I have keys to Spider's desk and file cabinets. I will wait until Spider is on a run and check his office for cameras and listening devices. Then try to find a plan for the club and fax it to him.

I deleted my sent texts and use the app to make sure they can't be found on my phone. I walked downstairs after dressing Peggy in clean underwear, bra, socks, jeans, shirt, and tennis shoes. Knuckles knocked on the door and we walked down and sat the girls at the table. We got our food and there's and milk for them to drink. We then fed them. Spider looked around the kitchen and said.

Gunner, you were right. It is nice to walk into a kitchen that is clean and eat off of clean dishes and have home-cooked meals. That by the way is good. And the bar. That room is just as clean and smells so good. What can you get the whores to do about the bedrooms? Knuckles and I grinned. Wait and see we said. They looked at Knuckles shocked.

You talked they said. I talk sometimes and when necessary. And I have something to say. Do not touch these two girls they are ours. With that, he stood up and carried the dishes to the sink rinsed them and put them in the dishwasher, and then helped Beth walk into the bar and sit down. I did the same thing with Peggy. We stood in front of the club and Gunner said Listen up. Today you whores are going to go to each bedroom and put names on laundry baskets and then put all the dirty clothes in that room in them along with the sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and bedspreads in them.

You will carry them to the basement and set each basket against the wall. Then starting with the first rooms you will start washing and drying what is in the baskets fold everything and bring it back to the room it belongs in. In the meantime, you will all be assigned a room to clean. You will wash the walls in the bedroom and their bathrooms down. Then you will bleach out the tubs, or showers if they have them, toilets, and sink.

You will wash the nightstands, and dressers down. Then sweep and mop the bathroom floors, and vacuum the bedrooms. After that, you will make the beds and hang the clothes in the closet and put the others in the dressers. Every week you will then do their laundry, put clean linens on the beds, clean the bathrooms, and vacuum the bedrooms. But every day you will make the beds, and pick up the dirty clothes, and sweep mop, and clean the bathrooms.

You will do only the club members' room you are assigned to and no one else's. That way if they have a complaint we know who to go to. Is that understood? Yes. Then follow me. I had a notebook and a pen. At each room, I wrote the man's name down that slept there and the club whore's name who was assigned to the room.

Each whore had five bedrooms to take care of. So let's get I started with putting the club members' names on the clothes baskets and take them downstairs to the basement. And the first room here will put the laundry in and come back up and get washing the walls.

I walked downstairs and grabbed a beer. Two hours later the walls in the rooms were washed down and cleaned. I watched the whores go up and down the stairs. When they finished I walked up to inspect the rooms. They were all clean and smelled so much better. You did good girls I said. Now just keep the rooms looking this clean and you will keep the men happier and they will be nicer to you.

Now all of you go and get lunch. I have other things for you to get ready to do. I sent three prospects to get white paint and more cleaning supplies. I also told them to get a carpet cleaner. The girls are going to wash the hallway down and scrub the carpet and then the prospects are going to paint the walls.

In the meantime, while doing all of this I have scanned for cameras and listening devices. So far I found none except the ones that were in Knuckles and my bedrooms. The whores finished eating and I put them to work washing down the hall walls.

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