Vipers Woman

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Chapter 38: Spider Wants His Office Cleaned

I was sitting at the table drinking with the Knuckles when Spider walked over. Gunner, you have put the whores to good use besides the bed. And the members are loving having clean rooms, bathrooms, and clothes. The hallway looks fantastic and our MC is starting to look good. So, I am asking you to work in my office. And there is a room next to mine you can make your office.

Are you up to it? I also think that the file cabinets can be gone through and anything dated past 7 years can be burned. I will be leaving tonight. I will be gone for two days that should give you time to fix my office up. I think I will start going through the cabinets since we will have to move them out to paint your office and shampoo your carpet.

I took boxes to the office and started filling them with files to go through. I took the files out of the first file cabinet. Then I had Knuckles carry them to my room. I locked the office door and walked to my room. Once there we started reading the files and we made a pile of those too burn and those to take pictures of and send to Travis. Then we made sure to delete them from our phones.

Those we were keeping we put in a box marked keep. When we finished Knuckles carried the burn box down and put them in a burn pile where he sat them on fire before coming back to the room. He watched the girls while I walked back down to the office I started carrying those boxes up. We did the same thing with those files. And it went on until we were now on the fourth and last file cabinet.

I took out the last file and opened it. There it was. The plans for the clubhouse. I snapped the pictures and sent them to Travis. I then put it in the file box to keep. I will have that file cabinet moved outside and painted. I looked at the clock and Knuckles said I think we have time tonight to go through the second file cabinet. I will go down and start bringing the boxes up for that cabinet.

After the boxes were brought up and we went through them we were disgusted with what we were finding. But we kept the files for the past seven years and burned the others. I looked over at the girls and they watched us. I stood up and said. I think I will go get the girls a grilled cheese sandwich and a glass of milk. I will be back up I said.

I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen and got the girls something to eat. I carried the tray upstairs and opened the door. As we fed the girls we talked about how Spider even though he went on a run he took the two little girls with him. I wish I could just shoot him right between his eyes but I can't. Travis wants him alive.

I saw a look in Peggy's eyes and then it was gone. While Spider was gone Knuckles and I changed the locks on our doors and added deadbolts to the doors. After the girls ate the sandwich and drank the milk and I told Peggy it was good she was eating more. Knuckles said he was going to give Beth a shower and take one his self before he goes to bed.

I locked the door after he and Beth left. I walked over to Peggy and walked her into the bathroom where I stripped her and threw the clothes in the clothes basket and then did the same with mine. I helped her into the shower and washed her and her hair and then did the same. I turned the water off and wrapped a towel around me then grabbed one and dried Peggy off and slipped clean underwear on her and another one of my tee shirts before I brushed out her hair and braided it.

I put her in bed and then put on short before climbing into bed myself. I shut the light off and covered up. I was thinking about how much longer we had to be here. I want to get out of here but I know it takes time. I woke up feeling my face being poked. I opened my eyes and felt Peggy poking me. Peggy what are you doing I asked?

She pointed to the bathroom. Peggy, you do not need my permission to use the bathroom. She looked at me and I sighed. Go use the bathroom, Peggy. I saw her lift the blanket and walk to the bathroom. I felt her climb back in bed and cover-up. The next morning I remembered Peggy poking me. I think she is learning to trust me.

I got dressed and then helped Peggy to dress before we went down for breakfast. I saw that the whores had already eaten and they were busy cleaning the club members' rooms. As we finished eating and were walking into the bar we heard comments that they wished I was the president and Knuckles the VP. As we walked toward the office I told four prospects to follow me. I said take these cabinets outside and wash them down and then paint them black.

Knuckles and I walked into the office and started cleaning out the other two cabinets and putting the boxes of files on the conference table. I had the prospects take the last two cabinets outside to wash and paint as well. As I got to the last box of files I gasped. Knuckles read this.

He looked at me in shock. Spider kept documents of every girl or woman taken with their names ages and address they lived. We checked the office for cameras and listening devices found none. We made copies of the files for my office. We put them in the box marked Gunner's office.

We finished the files and carried the boxes that needed to be burned out and threw them on the burn pile and set them on fire. We then walked in and moved all the boxes to the office that would be mine. had the prospects take apart the conference table and take it outside and wash it. Paint the table and chairs a dark brown I told them before we walked in and went through Spider's desk drawers.

We put everything in a box or boxes marked Spider's desk and carried them next door. Then the same was done with his desk. but it was being painted a light brown. Everything was out of his office and off the walls. So a few club whores were sent in to wash the walls, woodwork, and windows. Once that was done prospects went in and painted the walls white. After the walls were finished the carpet shampooed three times to get all the dirt out of it.

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