Vipers Woman

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Chapter 39: Spider's Office is done

We painted Spider's office walls and then opened the windows and shut and locked the door. The next room we decided to start on was the room next door that Spider said would be my office. When we unlocked the door the first thing I noticed was his previous VP was a slob.

We started taking all the furniture out of the office. I had the prospect throw the couch and chairs, including the office chair on the wood pile. Knuckles and I grabbed boxes and cleaned the desk out and had it taken outside to be washed down with bleach water.

We cleaned out the four file cabinets and boxed everything before they were taken out to also be washed with bleach water. The two end table were carried out as well. I instructed them to paint the file cabinets black, and the desk, and end tables light brown. I looked threw the books in the two book shelves and had half of them burned as well. I boxed the books and instructed two prospects to take them out front and wash them and paint them black.

I had the club whores wash the walls and wood work down. And then two prospects to paint the room white. After the walls were dry the carpet had to be shampooed five times before it came clean. Who knew it was a dark gray. It looked black and like it had not been touched in 10 years.

Everything was moved back into my office by 11:00 that night. I decided to put things away tomorrow. I took Peggy's hand and walked out of my office locking the door. We walked into the kitchen where I got her a small bowl of peaches and cottage cheese and then she pointed at the coffee pot. You want coffee I asked? She shook her head yes. Do you want anything in it? She pointed to the coffee creamer. Any thing else? She shook her head no. I started a pot of coffee and carried her bowls into the bar and sat her in front of Beth.

I will be right back I said as I walked back to the kitchen to get her a cup of coffee as well as myself. She liked it the same way I did. I carried the cups in and sat them on the table. I then sat down and fed her the peaches and cottage cheese her eyes got big and she smiled. She took the spoon from me and dumped the peaches into the cottage cheese and then started feeding her self.

Will you look at that Knuckles said grinning. She is feeding herself. I let her eat and leaned back in the chair. You know what? What's that. This club is starting to look good and smell good. If it wasn't for our military training we would not have managed to get this much done. I know. I could not take the filth much longer. You and me both brother Knuckles said.

We looked over as one of the club members turned on the big screen TV and the news station. We were talking one one of the members yelled that's Spider. We looked at the TV and saw that Spider was being handcuffed and put into a cop car. Then the news reporter stated that there was a shoot out over two young girls. It showed the girls that Spider had taken with him.

The president of the Spider MC was charged with human trafficking and sealing drugs and guns. He is being taken to the Hamilton County Jail for processing as we speak. Looks like we will be getting a phone call Knuckles said. Just then the club house phone rang. Gunner it's Spider. I took the phone and said Jesus Christ Spider what happen? It was a set up. I need you to call this number. I wrote it down. He is the clubs lawyer. Use the club credit card in my room in the top dresser drawer and take out the money to get me out.

I will take care of it I said. I hung up the phone and dialed the number Spider gave me. I explained who I was and what was going on. The lawyer said he would find out how much it would cost to get Spider out and let me know. Four hours later the Lawyer called back. They are not going to let him out. He is ordered to remain in jail until his hearing next week. He has you on his visitation list as well as the enforcer Knuckles. Here is the visitation hours.

Thanks, we will be there tomorrow. What about the girls? I trust three of the members and will have them take care of them while we are gone. I will make sure if they have been touched in anyway I will tear their arms off.

The next day we made sure the club members understood that they are not to let anyone near the girls and if anyone touches them we would tie them to our bikes and rip them apart. We then got on our bikes and rode to the Hamilton County Jail to visit Spider. We arrived at the jail and waited for Spider to be brought to the visitation room.

What are you looking at Spider? My lawyer stated that I am facing 25 years. If you don't know I happen to be 55 years old. I will die in prison. There is no way I will ever walk out of those gates if I end up there. I that is the case I want you to become president of the club and Knuckles to become the VP. I want you to change the name and go legit. I saw the changes in the club since you have been there.

They are good changes. I don't want you or any club member to visit me but you can write to me and send my money at least once a month. I will be putting this in documents my lawyer is writing up and I will sign them I will get a copy and the club will get a copy. I have been thinking about changing for a few months now. You see, I found a woman but she found out about how the club was ran and how I took woman and girls and abused them.

She said unless I changed and the club changed she wanted nothing to do with me. Now it doesn't' matter. You two do not deserve to be involved in my mess. Get rid of the drugs, guns, and send the girls back to their family. The girls are locked in a wear house outside of town. Don't come back.

Gunner, thanks for making the changes in my club. Remember, rename it to something else. I looked at him and said. What do you think about the Wild Rider MC? I like it. Use that name. We said good bye and walked out of the jail. We looked at each other shocked. We are not the president and VP of the Wild Rider MC.

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