Vipers Woman

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Chapter 4: Lisa Storms into her house

I gritted my teeth. I am going inside. I will see you later Steve, boys. You all can take this shit over to his clubhouse. I called Greta and walked into the front door slamming it shut and locking it. I walked upstairs and took a shower. I put on a clean bra, underwear, socks, shorts, and another baggy tee-shirt. Steve looked over at Viper. Let’s go to your club and sit and talk. We all walked over to Viper's club and into the back yard. As we sat down a whore brought us all beer and left. So, let me get this straight that woman is my VP’s biological sister and your adopted sister? That’s right. And she has one hell of a temper on her and very protective of those she cares about. That’s it in a nutshell.

I looked at Steve waiting for him to say it. Viper you just made one hell of an enemy of her. You and your enemy could be laying in the middle of this yard shot and needing help. She would help your enemy before she would help you now. So basically, any enemy of yours is her friend. We heard a noise coming from next door. What the hell is she doing now I heard Travis ask? We saw her dragging a piece of plywood towards her back yard. Lisa, what the fuck are you doing? Putting this piece of wood up on the side of my porch so I don’t have to look over and see him sitting there. Steve looked at a few of the men and said. Go help her put that up before she hurts herself.

I really pissed her off, didn’t I, Viper asked? Yes, you did. I watched as the men put the plywood up and then paint it for her before walking back over and sitting down. Now she could sit on the back porch and we would not know she was there. Hell, I did not like that. I want to be able to see what she is doing. Steve looked over at me grinning. She is pissing you off, isn’t she? Yes, she is. That is one stubborn ass woman. She is also one woman who doesn’t run when I get pissed Steve told Viper. She will sit there and laugh at me. She has guts that’s for sure. Even after what she has been through. She has not let it get her down.

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