Vipers Woman

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Chapter 40: The Lawyer Visits the club

I was sitting at the table with Peggy, Beth, and Knuckles when a prospect said I was wanted on the phone. I stood up and went to my office and picked up the phone. This is Knuckles how can I help you. Knuckles I am Spider's lawyer. I have the signed documents and I need to come and talk to the whole club. I can have all of them here by 4:00. That will do. As you know Spider's court hearing was today. And what happened? He got 50 years but not less than 50 years. He will die in prison.

Well shit, they must have had more on him than we knew. A lot more than what the club knew about. Any way I will be there at 4:15 tonight. I hung up the phone and walked out to the bar. Listen up. That was Spider's lawyer. He needs to talk to all of us. It is mandatory that all the club members be here tonight at 4:00 pm. The lawyer will be here around 4:15. Call everyone that you have a number for and tell them to call the others.

I sat down at the table and Knuckles looked at me. Well, what did he get? 50 years and he cannot serve less than 50 years. They had more on him than the club knew about. Well, that might make Travis and them happy. They have connections in prison. He might not make it one year. Probably not.

We looked up as the club started filling up with club members. We all wondered just what the lawyer needed to talk to us about. We saw that it was 4:10 when the door opened a man walked in. I walked over and introduced myself. He opened his briefcase and took out a thick document. I said listen up and be quiet. This is Spider's lawyer. We are giving the floor over to him.

He read the letter from Spider and his announcement that Gunner will become the new president and Knuckles the VP. As discussed with Gunner and Knuckles the new name of the club will be the Wild Rider MC. The club will become legit. All money in the current accounts will be taken out and put in under the new account for the Wild Rider MC.

No one will visit Spider but they may write to him but he would prefer they didn't. The club will send him $100 a month until his death. That is all. We watched as he handed me a copy of the document and put the other in his briefcase. Thank you for your attention and he walked out of the door.

Does anyone have anything to say I asked? What if we don't want to go legit? There is the door. Leave your cut on the way out. Besides, it won't matter. Everyone will get new cuts with the new club name on them. That includes any Valkyries. Just asking. We actually like what you have been doing in the club. We hated how Spider ran it and treated women.

I will tell you this. There will be no more taking women and girls. From now on we will protect them. No disrespecting them. Is that understood? Yes, Gunner. Good. Firs,t thing we will do is to release the woman he has in the building at the edge of town. He told me to do that before we left the jail. We will be taking care of them after we get our new cuts. Everyone is dismissed.

We walked to my new office. Knuckles will take over Spider's old office. There is a room across from our offices we are going to clean it out and make it the church room. I picked up the phone and called Travis. I explained what happened and that now Spiders' MC is not the Wild Rider MC and that I am the president and Knuckles the VP.

We invited Travis, Viper, Bullet, and shooter to the club. They said they would be here in two days. "Bullet" is the president of the Cobra MC and he wants Peggy. "Shooter is Bullet's VP and he wants Beth. It will be difficult for the girls to move away from here and us. Viper is the president of the Lone Wolf MC and Travis is is VP.

I also found who does the cuts. I called them and ordered new cuts. The president, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant at arms, and Road Captain. The Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant At Arms, and Road Captain are all new positions in the club. We will call church next week when all the new cuts are made and delivered to the club.

In the meantime, the room across from our office has been cleaned, painted, and shampooed and the conference table moved in with a new 65-inch flat-screen on the wall. We were sitting at the table when a prospect walked in and told me that Members of the Lone Wolf MC and Cobra MC just pulled into the club. I walked to the door as they walked in.

Follow me. first I stopped at the bar and we all got a beer. I then walked to the VIP table and kneeled down. Peggy, I said, your brother is here to see you. She looked at me. Your brother is here to get you. I said that's your brother Travis. Peggy looked at Travis and stood up. He is not my brother. Travis is little. Travis got hurt trying to help me. I watched as he walked toward us.

Peggy ran behind me. It's alright Peggy. He won't hurt you. I watched as he looked at her. Peggy that girl right there. She is your friend Beth. He pulled out his wallet. This is you, Beth, Lisa, and me taken right before they took you and Beth. I saw her reach for the picture. That's my brother she pointed at Travis and showed me. That's right. This is Travis. He is grown up. He has never stopped looking for you.

You are really my brother? I am Peggy. I came to bring you home with me. These are my friends. They came here to rescue you. They helped us. I know they did. They took care of us. Will you take care of us? We will take care of you, Peggy. I promise. These men right here I said. This is my president Viper. He is married to our sister Lisa. He is your brother in law. This man here, he is Bullet the president of the Cobra MC and his VP Shooter. They will protect you and Beth too.

I can't leave Gunner. He washes me, dresses me, and feeds me. We will do that for you and Beth. I watched as Travis walked over to Beth with the picture. Beth, do you remember me? She leaned closer to Knuckle. This is you, Peggy, me and Lisa. We watched as she looked at the picture. That's Travis she said looking at him. You're Travis. But older. Then she threw her arms around him. You found us.

Then she stepped back from him. Knuckles takes care of me. He protects me. I will protect you now. I am bigger now. And my friends will protect you too. Knuckles, yes Beth. Will, they hurt me? No Beth. They won't hurt you. See that man over there he pointed at Shooter. He likes you. He wants to take you home with him and take care of you as I do.

Why does he like me? He thinks you are special. His heart loves you. Why would he love me? I am a bad girl. Spider hurt me. He did bad things to me and Peggy. I have scars all over my body. I am ugly. You are not ugly. You are beautiful. But, I am a dog. Stop saying that. You are not a dog you are a woman.

"Shooter" is a good man Beth. I promise you that he will not hurt you. I will even give you a phone and put my phone number in it. If he ever hurts you then you call me and I will come and beat him up for you. We were all surprised because Beth giggled.

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