Vipers Woman

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Chapter 42; Peggy & Beth

We were taken by Travis to the Viper Mc. Travis said Lisa is there. When we arrived it was very quiet. Peggy walked next to Bullet and Beth next to Shooter. We noticed how they scooted closer to Bullet and Shooter once they entered the club. Everyone had been informed not to talk loud or move too fast. I looked over toward the kitchen door and saw Lisa standing there with tears in her eyes.

I watched as Lisa slowly walked over to us. Peggy, I am your sister Lisa. I watched as there was a flash in Peggy's and Beth's eyes. I slowly reached out to hug her. I have looked everywhere for the both of you for so long. Come into the kitchen. I made food for you and Beth. Come on. You are safe here. No one here will harm you. I saw Peggy look up at Shooter. You won't leave me alone? No, I won't leave you alone. We walked past the members and the girls scooted even closer to us for protection.

As we entered the kitchen we gasped as Peggy and Beth sat on the floor. Why are you on the floor we heard Lisa say? We are dogs. Dogs eat off the floor. We all growled. Peggy, Beth here we sit in chairs and eat at the table. But we are dogs. No, you are not. You are a woman. We watched as Lisa helped them off the floor and sat them in a chair at the table. Lisa then sat plates of food in front of them with a glass of milk.

We sat down at the table and told them to eat their food. We patiently watched as they ate. They only ate half the plate. Lisa, I think the doctor should examine them. It should be a female doctor. We have a new female doctor so that should not be a problem. Are you finished eating girls? Yes, we are finished. Then let's go see the doctor. We walked with the girls out of the kitchen and to the doctor's office.

I turned and saw the door open. Doc, I have my sister Peggy and her best friend Beth here to be examined. Hello, girls. My name is Roxie. Won't you come in? We walked in and Lisa shut the door. Can you take your clothes off and put this gown on I asked them? I watched as Lisa helped the girls undress and then sit on the cots. I examined Peggy first. I x rayed them both and examined them.

I looked at Lisa with concern. Will you girls mind if I talk to Lisa just outside the door? As we walked out of the door and shut it I looked at Lisa. I don't think these girls have received any medical attention for years. They both have had broken arms, legs, and wrists. Raped forcefully and sodomized. They have been treated like dogs. It is going to take a lot of patience to bring them through this. I am talking months if not years.

They have been underfed and have almost no body fat. They will get cold very easily. Do not force them to eat when they say they are full. Try to get them to one more bit if they don't do it do not force them. I would suggest you give them milkshakes for snakes and at meals. That will help them gain weight.

Thank you, doctor I said walking back into the room. They looked at me and asked if they can have Bulliet and Shooter now? They are scared. Are you afraid they will leave you? Yes. Don't worry, they are waiting for you.


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