Vipers Woman

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Chapter 43: Shooters and Bullets Sisters

"Bullet" is the president of the Cobra MC and don't forget his name is VP is" shooter." Bullet wants Peggy for his woman and Shooter wants Beth. But if it is going to take a lot of patience to help the girls get better they are going to need help. A lot of help and someone who can protect the girls when they can't. So, they decided to call their sisters to come to Viper's MC. Bulliet talked to his sister Jax and Shooter called his, Storm. Both women are single and can kick some ass.

"Shooter" looked at Lisa and told her that their sisters Jax and Storm are on their way to help with the girls. We were sitting at the VIP table when Lisa put chocolate milkshakes down in front of the girls. Drink them Lisa said. We watched as the girls looked at the milkshakes with suspension. Both Bullet and I picked up the glass and put the straw in our mouth and sucked on it before handing it back to the girls.

The girls then took a sip through the straws. We watched as their eyes got big and they smiled. I like this they said. After they drank all of it a prospect took the glasses and they yelled. We want more. He jumped back as they growled at him. Get the girls another milkshake Lisa told them. He walked back with the milkshakes and they grabbed them from his hands. Jesus H Christ, he said looking at them. They act as they have never had a freaking milkshake before. They might have but that would be many years ago.

They are acting like dogs. I tensed up hearing him say my sister and her friend were acting like dogs. I stood up and reached up and grabbed his throat. Never say that again. That is just how they were treated. I will cut your tongue out if you ever say that again. Now get. Viper pulled Lisa on his lap. Calm down, babe. He didn't mean it. They do not know how the girls were treated.

I lay my head on Viper's shoulder. They have been through hell Viper. Everything will be new to them. Let's take them out back where the kids have filled water balloons up and get them to play. We all stood up and walked out the back door. The girls were dressed in shorts. I sat my sister and Beth down and took their shoes and socks off before taking my own off. I watched as four little girls walked over and took Peggy and Beth's hands. They walked them over to the water balloons.

Take one of these they said and throw it like this. Just then one of the teenage boys walked by and the girls threw the balloon at him getting him wet. Throw it, we watched as Beth and Peggy threw the balloon at the kid. The girls handed Beth and Peggy another one and said run as they pulled the girls with them. Soon the girls understood the game and were having so much fun. I saw them look at each other and then over to Travis our brother, Bullet, and Shooter.

I watched as they carried two balloons and walked up behind them. Travis got hit with two and of course Bullet and Shooter one. We saw them turn and look at us and then smile. Run the little girls said. They grabbed Peggy and Beth dragging them over to the balloons.

Just the Peggy hit Bullet in the face with a balloon. Then you saw Bullet looking at her throwing his balloon up in the air and catching it looking at her. Run Peggy everyone yelled. Peggy hit the wet mud and fell down and Bullet stood over her smiling. Then he smashed the balloon on top of her head and, the little kids all hit him at the same time getting him socked.

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