Vipers Woman

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Chapter 44: Everyone Takes A Warm Shower

Lisa yelled. It is time that all of you that are wet, and muddy, Take a warm shower and come back out to eat. You all have one hour. So get to it. I held Peggy's hand and walked into the club to the room we were using. I saw that Lisa had laid new underwear, bra, socks, sweatpants, and a shirt on the bed. Instead, I will put one of my shirts on her. I stripped down to my boxers and then stripped Peggy naked. I turned the water on making sure it was not too hot. I lifted her in the tub and then I climbed in behind her.

I washed Peggy free of all mud and washed her hair twice before putting the conditioner in it. I was washing when I felt a washrag being wiped across my back. I smiled and thought that she is washing me as I washed her and then I stopped. Shit what if she thinks she needs to wash further down. I closed my eyes and sure enough, my boxers were being pulled down.

I turned and grabbed her hand and told her I would wash down there. She looked at me confused. Then she looked down and I again closed my eyes. I opened them to see the shock on her face. I almost laughed. I am a big man with a huge cock. I won't lie. Even soft it is big. She looked up at me fast and backed away.

Too big, Too big she said. I turned the water off and left my boxers in the tub. I grabbed a towel around and wrapped it around me. I grabbed another one and wrapped her in it. I lifted her and carried her in the bedroom. She kept saying too big. What the hell is she talking about?

I text Lisa to come to my room. I heard the knock on the door. Come in. Lisa, I have no idea what she is talking about. I looked at Peggy and her saying "too big, too big,". I explained about the shower and then Lisa walked over and kneeled down. Peggy. What's too big? We saw Peggy's eyes glazed over. It's too big it will hurt. It will hurt really bad. It's too big. Peggy are you talking about Shooter down there. I looked at Lisa with tears flowing down my face and shook my head no. Shit, I said looking at Shooter. Hold on a minute.

I called one of the whores I am friends with. I explained what I needed and she agreed to come to the guest bedroom. I said, Candy, show it to her. Candy held out the dildo. And Peggy shrank into Shooter's arms. Too big, no please do put that there. Too big, it hurts. Take it away Candy and thanks. I looked over Peggy's head as the door shut. I think when she saw your dick it reminded her of something that was done to her. And now, I am pretty sure we know what.

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