Vipers Woman

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Chapter 45: Jax & Storm Arrive

I watched as Lisa called the doctor. Doctor Roxie. She walked into the room with a sedative and she gave it to Peggy. Soon, Peggy's eyes closed shut. We told the doctor about what happened and she looked at the floor then back up at us. I wondered what caused the scars in her anus. Look doc I am a huge man with a pretty big cock. But if they put a fucking dildo bigger than I am inside her ass she had to be in a lot of pain and bleed.

She did bleed and she was in pain. She is scared that you were going to stick your cock up her ass. I would never do that to her. Don't get me wrong doc. I know a lot of men that enjoy having anal sex with their women but I am not one of them. You have to assure her that you would never stick your penis there Shooter. Don't worry once she really trusts me I will have that talk with her. It would be a good idea to do it sooner than later.

Lisa and I watched as she walked out the door and shut it. Lisa, will you dress Peggy and put one of my shirts on her why I get dressed? Sure I said looking at him. I watched as he stood up and lay Peggy on the bed. Then he walked over and pulled socks, jeans, boxers, and two shirts out of the drawer. I handed Peggy one of my t-shirts. Then I walked to the bathroom to get dressed.

When I walked out I saw Lisa had dressed Peggy. I lifted her and lay her under the covers. I then sat down and put on my socks, boots, and cut on before I walked out of the door and locked it. I was sitting with Travis, Viper, and Shooter. They had been told what happened and what Doctor Roxie had said.

We heard whistles and turned to see what everyone was whistling at. Bullet and I watched as Jax and Storm walked over and hugged us before they sit down. So Bullet where is your woman at. I told them both in our room sleeping and what happened. Mother fucker needs to have his cock cut off. Beth, this is my sister Storm. "Storm" this is beth. That is Bullet's sister Jax. Jax Beth.

Hello, Beth. We came to meet you and Peggy. We hope that we can be friends. I would like that Beth said. Peggy and I had only each other for a long time. Then she leaned over and said to Storm. "Shooter" is big don't you think? I am a very tall man but what she said could be taken differently. All of a sudden everyone laughed. So, Shooter you are big are you? Shut up I said. That is beside the point but she is not talking about that. She is talking about my height and weight. My sister looked at me and said, keep telling yourself that Shooter. We all know what she is talking about.

I looked at all of them laughing and then I started to cry. Beth, don't cry. They are not making fun of you, baby. But I said something wrong. No, you didn't. And they are laughing at me. Why are they laughing at you? I turned read. Yes, Shooter, do tell us why we are laughing at you Storm said grinning.

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