Vipers Woman

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Chapter 46: Peggy Meets Jax and Storm

I woke up and lay in bed. I did not see, Bullet anywhere. I was scared. I could hear noises outside the bedroom door. I jumped from the bed and hid in the closet. I don't know how long I was here. Then I heard the door open and two women's voices. Where is Peggy I wondered? I looked under the bed and then I heard Jax say, over here Bullet in the closet. Peggy, what are you doing in there? People outside the door. I didn't want them to find me.

I lifted Peggy to her feet. Peggy, no one here is going to hurt you. Come on out of there. I want you to meet my sister and Shooter's sister. They want to help take care of you and Beth. Peggy, this is my sister Jax, and that is Shooter's sister Storm. Hello, I said clinging to Bullet. I looked at my brother and told him that we should take the girls shopping.

Shopping? What is that? It is a place that has a lot of clothes, shoes, dresses, phones, rings, and other things. Outside? Out of this building? No, too many people. Too much noise. We will go with you Peggy and so will Bullet. You will keep me safe. I will keep you safe and so will the girls. Do you want to go tomorrow? And Beth can go too? Yes, Beth can go too. I saw her smile. I want to go. Good. Girls the two of them will need everything. They have nothing. We can take care of that Bullet. Jax, Storm I am so glad you two are here.

Neither Shooter nor I could do this without your help and Lisa's. It is good we are here Bullet. They have both been so dramatized and they are scared. I noticed that Peggy is always looking for me to make sure I have not left her. Or where you are in case she needs to run to you. That to I said. I looked down at Peggy and saw her looking out the window. Peggy do you want to take a walk? Can I? Sure why don't you, I, and Jax take a walk while Storm gets to know Beth? Ok. Where should we walk?

The woods. I want to hear the water. I think she wants to hear water flowing like a creek or waterfall. There is a creek not far from the clubhouse. I held Peggy's hand as we walked through the woods. She was looking at everything. Then we heard it. I let go of her hand smiling as she ran to the water. We sat down and she looked around and then we all heard growls. I heard Peggy growl and she ran towards the sound of dogs fighting.

Peggy, I yelled worried about her. Then she did something that surprised both Jax and me. She looked over and saw that baby wolves had been killed and she growled ferociously and howled like a dog. The mother wolf was bleeding badly. The male-wolf looked at Peggy, growling, and walking toward her. Peggy dropped to her hands and knees growling back at the male wolf and she sounded like them. She jumped at the wolf showing her dominance.

We watched as the wolf looked at Peggy then turned and ran away. Then she leaned down and sniffed the pups. All but two were dead. She picked up the pups and held them close to her. Then she threw her head back and howled. Then you heard several howles answer back. We watched as she carried the pups and stood up. I watched as she walked over to me holding the wolves in her arms.

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