Vipers Woman

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Chapter 47; The Howles

What the hell is that Viper asked. Just then Beth stood up and listened. We looked at Beth as she howled back. Then she turned to run toward the woods. Where is she going everyone asked? There were more howles. We all stopped when Beth ran over to Peggy. We watched as they looked at each other. Family, they said. We then watched as the girls walked over to the she-wolf laying panting. What the hell is going on we asked? I'm not sure Travis said.

We watched as Peggy and Beth sat on each side of the she-wolf. Once she stopped breathing the girls howled again. Shit, don't move. We watched as more and more wolfs walked out of the woods. They sniffed both girls and then walked over to the babies and mama wolf. One she-wolf stayed behind. Peggy lay the two babies at her feet and turned and walked away. We watched as the she-wolf picked up one pup and left before coming back and getting the other one. Then it was quiet in the woods.

What the hell did we just see Lisa asked? I think we should wait until we get back to the club and the kids are in bed and then I will tell you everything. I took Peggy's hand and we walked back to the club. I had never seen a human communicate with a wolf before but. And a wolf did not hurt the human. I remember that knuckles said the girls were treated like dogs and raised that way. Is that how they communicated with the other dogs and wolves?

It was like they were family. Wait, Beth sniffed the pups and said family when she looked at Peggy. And how did Beth know how to find us? Maybe it was the howling. That could come in handy if someone took one of them. As we got to the club and sat down Peggy surprised me. Bullet I want coffee. I like coffee with two creams. I think I said looking at him. I smiled. Prospect, bring Peggy coffee with two creams.

The coffee was sat in front of her and she smelled it. It smells so good. When she took the first swallow I heard her moan. Shit don't moan like that Peggy I thought. This tastes so good. I have known her for just a few days but I am falling for her more and more. Bullet. Yes, Peggy. Did I do something wrong? No, why do you ask? I just feel like they all keep staring at me. It's alright Peggy. They just do not know what happened to you and how you were treated.

I am a dog. What the hell Jax and Storm said looking at Peggy. You are not a dog Peggy. You are human. Jax, Storm it's alright. You will understand after the kids are in bed. Jax and I are fuming. How dare anyone treat Peggy and Beth like dogs.

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