Vipers Woman

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Chapter 48: Travis Explains About Peggy & Beth

We all watched as Travis stood in front of the bar. We promised to explain everything to you once the kids were in bed. Now is the time. For almost 10 years Peggy and Beth lived with the Snake MC. They were sleeping and eating with dogs and wolves. You could hear growls go around the club.

Snake treated them like dogs. Chaining them up and even raping them in front of anyone and everyone. So what we heard and saw today was Beth answering the call of distress from Peggy. So, that's how she knew where Peggy was. Yes, that is right. But Beth sniffed the pups and said, family. I understand that there is a smell each wolf has and they recognize each other.

Peggy, how did Beth know the pups were family? Brother and sister. Wait are you saying the she-wolf that died. Is our mother. Did you and Beth call all the wolfs? Yes. To come and take our brother and sister home. How was the she-wolf that took the pups away? Luna. She is our aunt. She will give the pups to a family member who lost a pup to raise.

So let me get this straight. If you or Beth are in trouble. You can find each other wherever you are? Only can find each other at a distance of 100 miles Beth said. But, if family close by they can spread that we need help. And family comes to help. I see. Why didn't they hurt you? Pack. We are a pack. Family. We protect our family. Why did the male wolf run from you, Peggy? I am dominant. Fight better than him. And the warrior in the pack and considered to have Alpha blood. Yes, Alpha Blood Beth told us.

What exactly does that mean? Leader, in charge, the boss. I see so an Alpha adopted you into their family. Yes, that's rights. Teach us to fight and take charge. So no wolf or dog hurt us in the cage. In the cage? We fight dogs and wolves. What the hell members yelled. You and Beth had to fight dogs and wolves? Yes. We win but not without scars.

Jesus H Christ. What kind of MC was Snake running? More girls fight too. But we don't fight each other. They said it was more fun to bet on a woman against an animal. That is fucking sick. If that fucker was not already in prison I would throw him in a cage with a bunch of dogs and wolfs and happily let them tear him apart.

How can he enjoy watching animals attack human women? I have no idea but there are ways to reach him in prison you know. Be nice if they put him in a cage with a pack of animals. And not human animals. Let him get a taste of how these women felt and had to fight for their lives.

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