Vipers Woman

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Chapter 49: One Week Later

We were sitting outside around a fire when we all heard the wolves howling. Beth and Peggy lifted their heads listening. We must go for help. Family in trouble. Then they howled. What kind of trouble Travis asked. Peggy howled and a reply was heard. Trap. Brother stuck in a trap. Let's go we will follow you. We ran after Peggy and Beth. Shit, they were fast on foot. We arrived and were surrounded. Peggy and Beth growled. and the wolves kneeled down.

We saw a huge wolf about five feet tall if standing. His front leg was in an animal trap. We watched as Beth and Peggy removed the paw pushing the teeth open like it was nothing. The male wolf stood up holding his paw. Then Peggy snapped the trap closed. The wolf rubbed their heads and Peggy kneeled down and looked at the paw. It is broken we have to fix it. The wolf lay down with his head on Beth's lap.

We watched as Peggy did something. We heard a snap. The wolf howled but did not bit the girls. I watched as Peggy ripped her shirt, or mine and wrapped two pieces of wood around the paw. Then she said take off in one moon. He then rubbed against her and then sniffed the air. We watched as he sniffed my shirt and turned and looked at me. What is he doing Peggy? The wolf hobbled over to me. He sniffed me and then Peggy. His tongue fell out of his mouth and he made a laughing sound.

I watched as the wolf looked at Peggy and she hit him on the back of his head. He looked at her and growled. She looked at him with her arms crossed. He pushed against her shoulder and she fell to the ground yelling you butt head. He looked back at her then hobbled off with the family.

Peggy, was he laughing? Yes. About what? He said I found my human mate. What is a human mate? A husband. When a wolf finds their mate. They mate for life. You can have a second but it is very rare. Everyone laughed at us. So, you are a mate Bullet. I guess so. I get the feeling that when one of them gets hurt they call for you and Beth to help them. Only with things like that she said pointing to the trap.

We will always run to help them Bullet. We are a family. We are a pack. I see. No, I don't think you understand. Unless you live with them and are accepted by them you can't understand. But they now know your sent Bullet. If you were ever in trouble. They would know. And they would tell me. If you were hurt in the woods. They would drag you away and hide you. Good to know.

Don't worry. They would let me and Beth know about it and where to find you. None of them would dare hurt you. They don't want to fight me. You are now family. Thank god for that. I would not want to be attacked. We walked back to the packhouse and were not disturbed. Peggy, why are they are here now? Because we are here. They followed Beth and me here. They continue to protect as best they can. I see. So when we brought you here. The wolves followed what your scent? Something like that.

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