Vipers Woman

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Chapter 50: Shopping

We walked to our room where Peggy took her clothes off and walked into the shower. She is not taking a bath without my help. I watched as she walked out in one of my shirts and shorts. I grabbed the shorts and took my own shower. I sat down on the bed and brushed and braided my hair before laying down. I noticed that Peggy had closed her eyes and fell asleep. I rolled on my side and pulled her into my arms. I dreamed that Peggy was running in the woods with the wolves beside her. Then she was riding on one of the really big ones back. She was laughing and her hair flowed behind her.

I woke up and looked at the tattoos on Bullet's chest. I put my finger on them and traced them. I rolled on my back and then I felt Peggy climb on me. Peggy what are you doing I asked her? I opened my eyes and looked at her. I saw her lean down and she pressed her lips on mine. I lay still not moving. I let her experiment with me. As long as she does it only with me I am fine.

Then she kissed my neck. Fuck I said as I felt her lick my nipples. Then she kissed me again. I rolled her over on her back and I licked and nibbled on her lips. I grabbed her ass and she gasped. I put my tongue in her mouth and fought her for dominance. I moved down her neck where I sucked and licked it hearing her gasp. I pushed my cock against her. I felt her move to meet me. I wanted to fuck her so bad but she is not ready. Not yet.

I moved my hand down inside her shorts. I rubbed her clit. I put one finger inside her then two. I pushed them in and out of her and she moved her hips matching me. Bullet faster. I knew she was about to go over the edge. And there it was. She pushed against my thumb and I felt her tighten around my fingers and her juices flow. I took my fingers out of her never taking my eyes from hers and licked my fingers clean.

I whispered, tonight I am going to put my head down there and lick and suck you until I taste you. I saw her face turn red. Now, go jump in the shower. We have to eat breakfast before we go shopping. I kissed her lips and watched her roll out of bed and walk into the bathroom. After that, I need a cold shower. My cock is as hard as a fucking bat.

Peggy walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel I carried my boxers, jeans, and shirt into the bathroom. I was dressed when I walked out. I sat down and put my socks and boots on. Then stood up and put my cut on. I grabbed her hand and we walked to the kitchen and got breakfast. Morning everyone we said. Beth looked at Peggy and grinned. Does Beth know what happened I wondered? After we ate we walked to the front door. Peggy, you and beth ride in the car with Storm and Jax alright? But. We will be right behind the car. Don't worry.

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