Vipers Woman

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Chapter 51: At the Mall

As soon as we parked I held Peggy's hand and, Shooter Beth's. As we walked into the mall I was discussed I saw women out of the side of my eye either lower the tops of their shirts or lift their skirts. To end at the edge of their asses. I did not look at them. We followed Jax and Storm to the shops where the girls helped Beth and Peggy pick out jeans, shirts, boots, socks, and even a dress or two. Then we walked over to victoria secret. The girls were in there for an awfully long time.

After they finished with that, we walked to the leather shop. Again the girls picked out pants, jackets, boots, corsets, and vests. We need to go next door to the motorcycle shop and get helmets for the girls. After we had finished shopping we all decided to go to grandma's restaurant. After we ate we headed back to the Vipers club. We carried everything the girls brought to our rooms. Peggy, we will leave here to go to my clubhouse in two days. You might want to let your family know this.

Where is the clubhouse Bullet? Kentucky. Plenty of woods for the wolfs. I walked out and howled. I got a return howle and I grinned. I walked back in and told Beth the family is on their way to Kentucky. I looked at Bullet and asked if his members will like us. Jax and Storm said they will like you. All but the club whores. They will not like you at all. But you will be able to deal with them just fine.

We had supper and before bed, we had our milkshake as ordered by doctor Roxie. It was about 2:00 when I stood up and said I am putting Peggy to bed. She has had a long night. We walked to the bedroom where I shut and locked the door. I watched as Peggy removed her panties and shorts and climbed up on the bed. My breath hitched. I walked overtaking my cut off and shirt. I sat down and removed my boot and my socks.

I stood up and pushed my jeans down my hips. I was sitting on the couch when I looked up and saw Peggy standing in front of me. I felt her put her hands on my shoulders and push me back into the couch while putting her legs on each side of mine before sitting on me. She bent down and started to kiss me. I reached behind her head and pulled her closer to me.

We continued to kiss until we had to come up for air. I kissed down her neck and sucked and licked it until I got to her sweet spot. I hear her moaning and felt her hand slid down my chest between her legs. And she reached into my boxers and wrapped her small hand around me. I moaned and pushed my hips up as she proceeded to rub the tip of my cock. I felt my cock spring out of my boxers and she rubbed her clit and lips against it. I gasped.

It felt so good and she proceeded to rub against my cock and she grabbed my shoulders. Her head thrown back. I lifted her hips and slid my cock in her. She pushed down taking all of me. She proceeded to ride me. I rubbed her clit with my thumb and she screamed faster. Then she squeezed my cock and I felt her muscles spasm and I shot inside her. I gasped for breath looking at Peggy with lust in my eyes. I was not finished yet. Or let's say she was not finished with me.

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