Vipers Woman

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Chapter 52: Peggy

I continued to ride him feeling him grow harder and harder. I licked and sucked the side of his neck rubbing his nipples with my thumbs. I reached behind me and rubbed his balls. I heard him gasp. I felt him reach down and rub my clit again. I pushed against his thumb each time and rode him. Suddenly he grabbed my hips and held me as he pumped faster in and out of me. I screamed his name as I had my orgasm.

I pushed my jeans the rest of the way off before I carried Peggy to the bathroom. We stepped into the shower and soon had her up against the wall her legs around me and I was pumping and out of her again. I felt her bite the side of my neck to keep from screaming out this time. When we finished I wrapped a towel around me and dried her off before putting a shirt on her. I carried her to the bed and lay her down before I pulled boxers on and climbed into bed.

I pulled her close to me and held her as I closed my eyes. My woman seduced me and I loved it. She came to trust me to want to hold me. To want to feel me inside of her. I did not stop her from doing what she wanted. I am glad that I didn't. I plan on having her again and again. I slowly opened my eyes. I looked over and saw that Bullet was asleep. I sat up and looked down at his cock. I wrapped my hand around it and moved it up and down. I watched as it got hard.

I moved my head down and licked him. I heard him moan. I put him in my mouth and sucked and licked him until I felt his hips push up. I opened my eyes to see Peggy sucking my cock. I threw my head back and moved my hands to hold onto the headboard. I did not want to grab her head and scar her. I let her do what she wanted. I then yelled Peggy and shot my cum in her mouth. I pulled her up over my chest and kissed her. I tasted myself on her tongue.

I rolled her onto her back and kissed my way down her body. When I reached her hips I threw her legs over my shoulders and pleasured her until she screamed my name and I tasted her juices flowing down her body. I positioned myself and pushed my cock inside her pumping in and out until I shot inside her. Baby, do you trust me? Yes, I trust you, Bullet. Do you like being with me? I liked being with you Bullet. Would you like to stay with me forever? I sat upon him and looked down at him.

Bullet do you want me to stay with you forever? I want you to have my kids' baby. I grinned. Will you let me claim you? What does that mean? By biker law, it means that I claim you and you accept my claim and wear my property cut. A cut like that but it says property of Bullet. It means that you are my wife my woman and no one better ever touch you, or hurt you.

I will never have to leave you? You never have to leave me. Yes, I said hugging him. Yes, I want to stay with you forever. I want to be your wife. To someday have your kids. When can you claim me? I looked up at her and said we leave here in two days. But I can have your property cut here by tomorrow. Yes. Yes. Let's do it. I think your road name should be "Wolf Talker". I like that. I reached behind her head and pulled her down kissing her.

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