Vipers Woman

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Chapter 53: Wolf Taker

The next morning I called my enforcer and told him to bring two-property cuts to Vipers MC by 5:00 pm. The first one Property of Bullet, road name the "Wolf Talker" and Property of Shooter road name "Lady Wolf" those are different names. You will understand when we get back to the club. Just get those property cuts her the sooner the better. Taking care of it now Bullet. See you soon. Wait until he tells the members that Shooter and I are claiming a woman. I can hear it now. No way. They would not claim a woman.

It will be interesting when we bring the girls home. I am going to ask Jax and Storm to teach the girls to show them their fighting skills. I would like to know if they need to learn any other skills. What will really be funny is when Peggy calls the wolfs out at the clubhouse. Talk about people pissing their pants. Especially the whores. I never had sex with any of them. Not that they did not continue to try. The same with Shooter. We went elsewhere for that. We did not want to bring our woman to a club where the whores could tell them they had sex with us.

I told Viper that tonight Shooter and I would be claiming Peggy and Beth. I told him my enforcer was on his way here with the property cuts. Soon Peggy will be mine fully. My wife. I can't wait to see her wear my property patch. I also can't wait to get her back to my club and in my bed. I did not think I would find the woman that I would want to be my wife. That is not until I saw Peggy's picture of her kneeling next to that bastard with a dog collar around her neck. I knew hatred. For the first time, I wanted to rip a man's head off of his shoulders.

I thought this is my woman you are treating like a fucking dog. Raping in front of anyone and everyone. Making blood ran down her thighs. My woman, not yours. And you are going to pay for it. The first time I heard her say she was a dog I wanted to choke that son of a bitch. To even get her to trust me it took Knuckles to tell her that I would protect her and take care of her. Just like he did. I was angry that he bathed and fed my woman but I understood he did it to help her. To make her feel safe. I have to thank him for that.

I hope that one day he finds a good woman to love. He deserves to be loved as he is a really good man. I looked at the clock. My enforcer Lucky should be here in two more hours. I sat watching Beth and Peggy talking to Lisa, Storm, and Jax. Then she laughed. It drew everyone's attention. It was the first time any of us heard Peggy laugh. She had a laugh that drew your attention.

Then she threw a softball and hit Lisa in the face. I watched as Lisa stood up and walked around the table and then she threw the ball at Jax. This went back and forth until the girls were hiding behind club members. And the door opened and not paying attention as they were hiding behind Peggy grabbed my enforcer and he was hit in the face with the ball and he fell backward and landed beside Peggy.

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