Vipers Woman

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Chapter 54: Lucky

I don't know what happened but all of a sudden I was laying on the floor beside the most beautiful woman in the world. Hello, my name is Lucky. My name is Peggy. I realized my hand was on her breast when Bullet said laughing looking down at me. Lucky do you mind getting your hand off my woman's tits? I still hand my hands on her tits and looked up at Bullet. What? Did you say your woman? I jerked my hands from her tits and watched as Bullet lifted her from the ground.

I stood up and picked up the boxes and handed them to Bullet. She was a very short tiny woman. I'm so sorry that I touched your tits. It was an accident. Don't worry about it. But don't let it happen again. Well, where is Shooters woman? Right here. Beth meets our enforcer Lucky. This is Beth. Wow, another short tiny woman. Nice to meet you, Beth.

I laid the boxes on the bar and wrapped my arms around Peggy. I leaned down and kissed her. Are you girls finished with throwing the ball around? Yes, we are finished. We don't want to hurt anyone else. I started laughing. You didn't hurt Lucky. He is going to remember for the rest of his life he is the only man still alive that was able to have his president's wife's tits in his hands.

You have that right I said laughing. Anyway, I am glad I did not land on you Peggy. I would have hurt you. Maybe, maybe not. What is that noise by the way Lucky said? What noise? The howling outside. We walked outside and then heard it. What is going on Peggy? Beth and I have to go. Why? Wait, they are coming here. I watched as Peggy threw her head back and howled. What the hell Lucky said looking at the wolves surrounding us.

Beth and I walked to the middle of the pack and waited. Lucky gasped that wolf is a fucking horse. They are going to get hurt. Stand down Lucky. The wolf stood between Peggy and Beth. It rubbed the first one of them and then the next. We saw the tears flow down their faces. Then they put their arms around the wolf and hugged him.

They watched as the wolves turned and left. What is wrong Peggy? Our Dad just died. Our brother is now the Alpha. He is taking the pack to Kentucky and will meet us there in two days. I'm sorry babe I said. We walked back into the club to the VIP table. We looked at Lucky still in shock. I have never seen anything like that before. How is that possible? I explained it all to him and Lucky's mouth hung open looking at Beth and Peggy.

Are you saying that the wolf considers you two families? Yes. We were forced to fight wolves and dogs to death. These wolves took us in as a family. Taught us to fight you might say. Taught us to understand certain howls. We take care of each other. And you said they are headed to Kentucky? Yes, to the woods around your clubhouse to be exact. They will protect it and us.

This is amazing. The club members must know not to try and kill any wolf they see around the clubhouse. I forgot about that. We need to have church when we arrive at the clubhouse. Everyone must be informed. Peggy, they won't hurt the kids, will they? Never. They would never hurt the children. They will protect them as they are innocent.

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