Vipers Woman

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Chapter 55: The Claiming

It was time. I was wearing one of the dresses we bought at the mall. You look so beautiful Peggy, Bullet said looking at me. I stood next to him and Beth stood next to Shooter. We were claimed we were wearing their property cuts. I was happy. I was safe. No one would dare hurt me because Bullet would kill them. I am loved and not a dog. I am a human being.

I was able to laugh and not be afraid to talk back. And not be afraid that a man in the club will touch me without my permission. I have a man I love more than anything. I just hope that his club members are like Vibers. Beth and I had another appointment with Doctor Roxie before we leave. I was talking to her and she told me with a smile. You have gained 10 pounds. Keep it up. You need to gain at least 20 more pounds.

So, I can leave and go with Bullet to his clubhouse? Yes, you can. I hope that you will think about me and call me if you need me. I know that you won't want a man doctor so I called a friend of mine who lives in Kentucky. Her name is Susan Reynolds. I went to school with her. She has an office in town. I will call her and have her call Bullets club so she can come and see you and Beth. Thank you, Dr. Roxie. I will miss you.

I will miss you as well Peggy. It has been wonderful to watch the changes you have made your confidence build back up. The next time I see you I hope to see you kicking some ass. I laughed and said. Jax and Storm said they will teach me and Beth some self-defense. I want to learn to kickbox since I watched them practice. I think it will be good for you. Learn to protect yourself as much as you can. But I am sure that Bullet will hurt anyone that even thinks about hurting you.

You have a good man there Peggy. He really loves you. He watches you all the time. I love him too. I could not ask for a better man. When I get pregnant I will want you to be there. I will try but can't promise alright? Alright, I said hugging her before leaving her office. I walked back to the bar and over to Bullet. As I got behind Lucky I pulled his hair before sitting down on Bullets' lap. Is everything alright Peggy?

I need to gain 20 more pounds. She said I have gained 10 pounds since I have been here. So I have to keep drinking the milkshakes. But that's ok because Beth and I like the chocolate shakes. What are you girls doing today anyway Shooter asked? We are going to watch Jax and Storm fight. They are good, aren't they? Yes, they are. We leave to go home tomorrow.

I suggest that we pack all the clothes and leave out what we will wear for the drive. We will have Lucky pack the car tonight then we only have to put our nightwear in the trunk. Alright. Beth, Peggy are you ready to go to the gym. We are ready. I kissed Bullet before jumping off his lap. We followed Jax and Storm to the club gym. We sat and watched as Jax and Storm boxed and kicked at each other. They are really good. I want to learn how to do that I told Beth. So do I. You know we are leaving tomorrow.

Yes, we will be riding in the car with Jax and Storm. But they promised to take us on the bike behind them when we all go to the beach for a cookout. I can't wait. Me either.

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