Vipers Woman

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Chapter 56; That Night

Viper and the members were having a cookout to celebrate our going home. We had a good time. I laughed as Jax kicked Lucky's chair out from under him. Just then the door opened and we saw Knuckles and Gunner walk in. We ran to them and jumped into their arms. Our heroes. We missed you. They put us on the floor. You girls look good. You have put on weight. You are smiling. And you are claimed. Come sit with us.

I got back on Bullets lap and Beth on Shooters. How have you guys been they asked them? The club is coming along really well. One day you have to come and visit us again. You will not believe the changes. Maybe we can come for a visit next year. We will love it if you can. We hear that you have both gained 10 pounds. We have. Just then our milkshakes were placed in front of us. We have to drink these four times a day. Breakfast, lunch, and supper, and before we go to bed.

They look good. They are but no one else is allowed to have them. Vipers threaten anyone caught drinking our milkshakes. I plan on threatening my club members as well. The girls need drinks to help them gain weight. So, Bullet how are things going with Peggy? Really good. She trusts me and she is comfortable with me. Her fear is slowly going away.

She has run and played with the little kids here. Gotten into water balloon fights. Thrown a softball around in the club and even knocked Lucky on his ass. By accident and Lucky had a handful of her breasts. His face turned red when he found out she was my woman. That is wonderful. Bullet. She and Beth want to learn to fight and protect themselves. They can fight but still, need to learn more.

That is good a good idea. Give them a chance to gain more confidence in themselves. But they should take it slow. Even though they have had to fight wild dogs and wild wolves. That was one fucking sick move that Snake made all those women do. Some of them were torn apart. God only knows how they both survived. But they did. Most of the pain they received was Snake raping them.

And beating them when they did not do what he wanted willingly. I would like to throw him in a cage with a pack of wild dogs and wolves and watch them tear him apart. But we can't touch him. But there are other ways for him to suffer. And soon one of our own men might end up in the same prison as he is.

Well enough of that. I suppose you are having a BBQ when you get home to introduce Peggy and Beth. Yes, we will have. We will let you know when it will be. You and Gunner better be there. We will don't worry about that. The girls will be happy to see both of you. Bullet I can't tell you how happy it makes me see both of them laughing and feeling safe again. They were so abused and made to think they were worthless and no one cared about them.

When Snake gave the girls to us. We could not believe our luck. To make them feel safe and cared for. They could not believe that we were not going to use them or hurt them. And the club members were happy to see them safe and out of Snakes hands. They tried not to show it but they really did hate Snake. They did not like the way he treated these women. But he was their president.

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