Vipers Woman

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Chapter 57: Leaving Lisa and Travis

We were leaving Viper's club. We hugged Viper, Lisa, and Travis. We cried but they promised to come and visit. We got into the back seat of Jax's car and waved as she drove out of the compound and onto the street. Storm said it was a four to five-hour drive. To get some sleep if we could. About an hour later both Beth and I fell asleep. Jax woke us up three hours later. We had pulled into Bob Evans and they decided we should eat.

We had on more hour before we would arrive at the Cobra MC. As we walked in Bullet was holding my hand and Shooter, Beths. We sat at a table that was pulled together so all six of us could sit together. I had coffee and two eggs over easy, bacon, and toast. For once I ate all of it. I stood next to Bullet as he paid the bill. He held my hand until we got to the car. This time Storm drove the car while Jax relaxed. All three of us fell back to sleep.

We arrived at the club and I felt myself being carried from the car and laid on a soft bed. I felt him take my shoes off and cover me with a blanket. I walked into the bathroom and took a shower before climbing in bed and pulling Peggy into my arms. I always hold her close to my heart. I am afraid it is all a dream sometimes that this woman wants me. That she gives me as much pleasure as I give her. I love how she sometimes sleeps on top of me.

It is as if she is making sure I am just as real to her as she is to me. I love her laugh, and her spontaneous behaviors. The more she grows to feel safe the more she will refuse to take any shit from anyone. I can't wait for her to grow with our child. I know tomorrow that she will Howell for her family. She and Beth want to be sure they are as safe as they are.

I also know that she and Beth will want to run with their family. Of course, Shooter and I will both will let them. They need it. To feel free. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. I woke up laying on Bullet. I kissed him until he woke up. Baby, what are you doing? I am hungry. I rolled her over on her back and made love to her before we took a shower.

Let's eat breakfast. I know that you and Beth are worried about your family. You know me so well. I also know you will want to run with them. Thank you, Bullet I said as we walked to the kitchen. I noticed everyone looking at me and Beth. When they saw the property cuts they gasped. The president and VP claimed women while they were gone.

After we all ate I heard Bullet say. This is Peggy my woman and this is Beth, Shooters woman. Now, we are going to go outside and I want everyone to remain calm and do not. I mean do not shot them. Shoot what? The Wolves. Beth and I both wore tennis shoes. Are you ready Beth? Yes. We threw our heads back and howled. A few minutes later you could hear howles coming from the woods. Oh my god. Those are real wolves. I kissed Bullet and Beth kissed Shooter. We will be back soon we said.

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