Vipers Woman

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Chapter 58: Beth and Peggy Run

We walked out into the middle of the wolves. Our brother rubbed his head against our shoulders we started running with our family. We ran for an hour before I got on my brother’s back, and Beth is best friends. They ran through the woods to the clubhouse. They slowed to a trot as we got closer to the clubhouse. When we arrived they lay down on their bellies and we got off. We hugged both of them. My brother looked around the club and saw the kids.

He loved kids. He looked at me and kind of smiled. I laughed. He wants to take the little ones for a ride. We heard can we, can we. They won’t hurt them? Never. They kneeled down and each climbed on their backs. Hold on to his fur you can’t hurt them. Ready? My brother and his friend stood up and trotted through the woods. They gave each child a ride before rubbing their heads against our necks and turned and ran into the woods.

That was so fun they all yelled. If the kids get lost in the woods or a wild wolf not part of the pack tries to hurt them those wolves will fight the other one to the death to protect each of these children. How will we know if they are a bad wolf? You will know. They will growl at you and show you their teeth. Do not run and do not back down. Just standstill.

You will see wolves walking around the woods of the clubhouse. They will call for help if another wolf is around. Our family will not show their teeth at you. How are you safe with them? We had to fight wild dogs and wolves where we were being held. They took us under their wing and made us part of their family. They taught us to fight wild animals. They are our family. We help them when needed and they help Beth and myself.

I put my hand in Bullets and we all walked into the clubhouse. I saw the whores give Beth and I dirty looks. I ignored them. I know what it is like to be raped and treated badly. But these women chose to do what they are doing. Beth and I looked up as Storm and Jax walked in the door. Shooter, Bullet we are taking Peggy and Beth with us. We will be back in about an hour or two. Be safe they said as they kissed us.

We walked out the door and asked where we were going? To self-defense class. We clapped our hands and got into Jax’s car. We arrived at a gym and walked in. They yelled, Cindy they yelled. We are here. Hello, Beth, Peggy. I am Cindy. I am going to teach self-defense. from the beginning until you decide to stop. You are that movie star. I watched as she laughed and said, “yes, I am.” I am going to make sure that you can take care of yourselves if you need to.

So, Storm will show you the changing room and get you dressed in the karate gi” refers to the uniform worn in the practice and competition of karate. You will also wear a beginner's belt. The uniform will belong to you and you might want to think about buying at least three of them. Already taken care of. We practiced for about three hours. That is enough for today. You girls have done really well. See you every day at the same time. Thank you, we said bowing and going to change into our street clothes.

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