Vipers Woman

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Chapter 6: Lisa Gets Into A Fight

I was just getting a beer when a slut looked at me and said. “I see Viper watching you.” And the point is what, I asked? Stay away from him he is mine. I laughed and said. Sweetie, he is yours, and hers, and hers, and hers’s I said pointing to several women. Oh, and let’s not forget the club whores in his clubhouse. He also belongs to them. You have nothing to worry about where I am concerned. Bitch, I am telling you he is mine. I looked at her and said. “Bitch, I just told you, I don’t care. I don’t want him.” I walked over to my table when she stormed over after me and grabbed my arm. I grabbed her wrist and twisted it bending it backward towards her bringing her to her knees.

Bitch, listen, and listen well. Stay away from me. And since he is your man then go set on his lap. He won’t let me, she said. No doubt because you are not his girlfriend, and he doesn’t even know you. So, fuck off. I shoved her down and then I sat down. Well, what are you waiting for? Go get your man I grinned and looked away from her. What was that about Donna asked? She told me that Viper was her man and to stay away from him. I told her I didn’t want him, and he belonged to several girls in the club as well as club whores. She didn’t believe me. Then I told her to go get her man. Then they started playing my songs. Let’s dance I said.

We had been dancing for a while and I felt his eyes on me the whole time. I wish he would fuck off. I was enjoying myself. Then slow songs came on and I sat down at my table. Steve and Hope danced a few of them. I was asked as usual but turned the men down. I saw Viper say something to my brother. She doesn’t slow dance I asked Travis. No, she doesn’t. Not unless it is with someone she knows. I looked at the man walking toward Lisa's table. Well, shit never thought to see him back in here.

Who is that? One man she will slow dance with. His name is Jerry. He is a good friend of Lisa’s. They have known each other for five years and Jerry has chased her for those five years trying to get her to date him. She is honest with him and tells him no. She trusts him as much as she trusts Elizabeth, Donna, Hope, Steve, and the club members of the Viking MC.

I watched as Jerry got a beer and then walk over to the table Lisa was sitting at. He hugged her before he sat down across from her. He looked over and saw me and nodded his head. I turned and looked at Lisa and said I notice that your brother has joined an MC. Yep, he is Vipers, VP now. So how have you been Lisa? As good as can be expected. Does your brother know? Know what? What happened to you? No, and he never will.

Look, Jerry, I must go I will see you soon I said standing up and walking toward the door. I saw Viper watching me. I walked out the door and got into my Kia. As I backed out, I saw Viper and Travis walk out and get on their bikes. I rode home and pulled into the driveway. I unlocked the front door walked in then locked it. I put my keys on the table beside the door before walking out the back door letting Greta out.

I grabbed a light blanket laying it on a lounge chair before lighting the fire in my fire pit. I walked back into the kitchen and grabbed four beers and my smokes before walking back outside. I sat the beers down next to my chair before I sat down on it and stretched out. I picked up a beer opened it and took a drink. I noticed that some of the bikers walked out into the yard and start a big fire. Then it seemed that the whole club was outside. You could hear them laughing talking. I was staring at the fire as I drank my beer

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