Vipers Woman

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Chapter 60: The Wolf's Look For The Girl

Keep everyone out of the woods. We will search for her. Do you have something with her scent on it? Remember our dogs are killers. Stay away. He handed me a plastic bag with a shirt in it. She last wore this before she went to bed. We will call you if we find her. And the man? Do what you do best. We stood up and Lucky walked him to the door.

I walked up to our room to wake Peggy and Shooter to wake Beth. We told them what was going on. I watched as Peggy got dressed and she and Beth along with Shooter and I walked out the back door. They threw their heads back and howled. Soon we were surrounded by wolves. Peggy opened the bag and put it to all of their noses. Soon they were off running. An hour later we heard the howls.

This way they said taking off through the woods. 15 minutes later we walked out of the trees to find the wolves surrounding a man. The girl was behind four wolfs so the man could not get her. We could tell she had bruises on her body and she was naked. A prospect had a blanket he handed to Beth. Have them stand down Peggy. We walked to the man and tied his arms behind his back. You are going to die. He had raped that girl. He hurt her. He blackened one eye and he choked her.

I watched as Lucky lifted the girl in his arms and carried her to our clubhouse. The wolf's escorted us back to our club before they disappeared into the woods. We watched as Lucky carried her to doc's office. I watched as Bullet walked to the office and informed him we found the girl and our doctor was examining her. They could come and pick her up. The doctor walked out and sighed. She was raped. But she will be fine.

The police are on their way to get her. I walked to the door and looked in. Beth and Peggy were talking to the young girl. Peggy had her arms around her. I could not believe it when all those wolves came out of the woods and surrounded us. Then those four circled me and kept me away from him. You can't tell anyone about that. People will want to kill them. I will just tell them that dogs found me. Then the bikers brought be back here. That is a good idea. Thank you, so much for finding me.

He was going to kill me. You are safe now. You are going to go home. I would suggest that you have your mom and dad put iron bars on your window. That way no one can climb in again. And get a dog. They will bark and let you know when someone is around your house. I looked up as a police officer was brought into the room by Bullet.

The police are here now. You are going to go home. Doc handed the officer documents for the parents. I would suggest she see her own physician as soon as possible. Go with the officer and he will take you to your mom and dad. Thank you, for finding me she said hugging the guys. We watched as she walked out of the office wearing one of Lucky's t-shirts and wrapped in a blanket. We all walked back to our bedrooms and climbed back into bed.

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