Vipers Woman

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Chapter 61: Five Months Later

I woke up and felt the side of the bed. It was cold. I sat up and called Bullets name. I got up and put on some jeans, a bra, a t-shirt, socks, and boots on before putting my hair in a ponytail along with my cut. I walked down the stairs and walked toward his office. Shooter have you seen Bullet? Yes, he is in his office. I walked down the hall and knocked on the door. It was locked. I frowned. I walked back out and Shooter asked if I talked to Bullet.

His office door is locked I said. I had a prospect bring me a cup of coffee. Just as he set it down in front of me. Shooter and I looked up to see a woman step out of Bullets' office and kiss him. We looked at each other but said nothing. Just then Bullet looked up and saw us standing there. I turned and ran out the back door and into the woods.

I did not want to believe what I just saw. I kneeled on the grown and threw up. I was then surrounded by my family. I got on my brother's back and ran through throw the woods. He must have run for 60 miles before he slowed to a trot and walked into a cave. I walked outside and gathered some wood and carried it inside. I took my lighter out and lit the wood and had a small fire burning. I ran outside again and vomited. I had not eaten breakfast.

It is alright though. I have gone hungry before and this is no different. I lay down on my side and lay my head on my brother. We all heard the howl. Do not let Beth tell them where I am. My brother threw his head back and howled. I lay next to my brother not moving. Beth turned and looked at Shooter. Well, do they know where she is? They will not tell me. They do not want any of you to know where Peggy is. They are angry. The family is gathering around her.

I looked at Bullet, in anger. You ruined everything. I have not had sex with her Beth. How do we know that? You were in your office with the door locked. You walked out and kissed her. Do not lie to me. I can smell her on you. I grabbed his face and sniffed him You even fucking had your mouth on her fucking pussy.

I turned and ran into the club and grabbed a basket. I started to put food and water into it. I carried it out past the club members and out the back fence. I threw my head back and howled. I ran into the woods towards my family. My sister, my best friend was hurting. Why, Why can't a man stick with one woman as the wolfs do?

I can't stay either. I can't be the next one who finds out her man is cheating on her. I was met by my brother's best friend. I got onto his back and he ran to where Peggy and the family are staying. I got off and walked into the cave. I ran over to her and hugged her. I will send a guard to watch the club. When the men leave I will go back and get blankets, more food pillows, and clothes.

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