Vipers Woman

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Chapter 62: Beth

I was riding back to the club. It was late. I saw the light on in the meeting room. I ran upstairs and grabbed blankets and pillows and clothes. I threw them out the window. I then ran down to the kitchen and got more food and water. I carried them out the back. I tied the blankets, pillows, and clothes on one of the guard's wolves. I then got onto the back of another with the food and water and we ran back to the cave.

We now have enough food and clothes for two or three weeks. I think that Peggy is pregnant. She keeps getting sick and she sleeps a lot. I would take walks in the woods and cry because I miss Shooter. I know that Peggy misses bullet. She cries a lot. I had one of the guards run me to the club. I sat and watched it. I saw Shooter looking toward the woods. Then I heard him yelling at Bullet. Jax and Storm told him not to bring that whore back to the club.

I would see members returning and tell Shooter they found nothing in the woods within 40 miles. Not even one wolf. I saw Shooter yelling and kicking chairs across the yard. Two fucking weeks. They have been gone for two fucking weeks. I got back on the guard and we ran to the caves. I walked in and sat next to Peggy. Do you want to go to Vipers MC? I think we should do that. We will take the family and go. Or we can hide at Knuckles and Gunners.

That is even better. They will not let Shooter and Bullet near us when they find out what Bullet has done. We will leave in two days. Sounds good Peggy. We sat at the cave entrance and looked at the woods. Beth, you do not have to come with me. "Shooter did nothing wrong." Please do not make him suffer I said with tears flowing down my face. But Peggy. You and the family are leaving. We can be without the family.

Be with Shooter. He at least loves you. He didn't use you. I took my cut off and handed it to her. Give this to Bullet. Tell him to give it to that woman he had sex with. Apparently, he wants her more than he wanted me. Go home, Beth. Just do not tell him where I am at. It is for the best. If I ever need you I will send a message. Go now I said hugging her. But, Peggy we have never been apart before. It is time. Please go back to Shooter I said crying. Go, I screamed.

I watched as Beth got onto one of the guards and left the cave. The guard will drop Beth off and return. He will never come back here unless I need Beth or she needs to know something. I was leaving the man that I loved. The man who used me. The man who doesn't love me. He loves another woman. I will let him have her. I want him to be happy and if it takes me leaving that is what I will do. I have been unhappy before. I can do it again.

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