Vipers Woman

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Chapter 63: Bullet Loses It

I was getting off the guards back and he bowed his head. I hugged him and said goodbye with tears flowing down my face. I watched as she lifted his head and howled in sadness. Then he turned and ran into the woods. I saw members running out to see what was going on. I looked at Shooter and jumped into his arms. I saw Bullet standing next to him looking into the woods. I handed him the property cut. She said to give it to that woman you had sex with. Apparently, you wanted her more then you wanted Peggy. Beth, where is Peggy?

Peggy said that she is leaving the man that she loved. The man who used her. The man who doesn’t love her. The man that loves another woman. Peggy said she will let you have her. That she wants you to be happy and if it takes her leaving that is what she is will do. Peggy also said that she has been unhappy before. She can do it again. Peggy is gone with the family. She is never coming back. She said you apparently did not love her and you used her. She is setting you free. I didn't move from where I stood looking out at the woods.

I walked into the club. I held Peggy's cut. I brought it to my nose just to smell her scent. I need to call Viper to find out if she has gone to his club. I turned and walked inside to my office. I sat down at my desk and then looked at the couch. The couch where I had sex with another woman on. I threw the glass that was on my deck at the wall. I picked up the phone and dialed Viper.

Hello, Bullet. I already know why you are calling. Beth called me. Peggy and the wolves are not here. And even if they were I would not tell you. Not after what you did to Peggy. Don't call here Bullet. You did this on your own. I hope fucking that woman was well worth it. Good-bye Bullet. I looked at the phone. He is not going to tell me if Peggy even goes to his MC. Beth said she was with the family. They can be anywhere. I put my head in my hands. I don't know why I did it.

Why I had sex with Candy. I don't even want her. She was an old girlfriend. I walked out of the office and to the bar. I grabbed a bottle of whiskey and walked to my room. I slammed the door shut and locked it. I slide down the door onto the floor. I started drinking the whisky. I looked around the room. I saw her clothes hanging in the closet. In the dresser. Her makeup in the bathroom. I felt the tears flowing down my face. I love Peggy. Now she is gone. The woman I want to have children with. I hate myself right now. I am a man whore.

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