Vipers Woman

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Chapter 64: Viper Calls Knuckles

I sat at my desk fuming about what Bullet had done. Peggy and the wolves have been gone for three weeks now. No one has seen them or heard from them. I need to call Knuckles. I dialed Knuckles' phone. Hello, Viper. Have you heard? I heard. Viper I have not seen Peggy or the wolves. Where can she be? It has been one month since she left Bullet. I don't know. I just know that Beth told Bullet that Peggy was never coming back. She was going away with the family.

She can live in the woods for years. Hell, look at how she lived in Snakes MC. I am worried about her losing weight though. Becoming wild again. Learning to hate and not trust anyone again. All because of Bullet. The family found a cabin in the woods. I met with the chief of the tribe that the cabin sits on. He gave me permission to live there. He calls me Woman that runs with wolves.

I applied in town for a job as the receptionist at a tattoo shop. I also found out by the Medicine Man that I am 3 months pregnant. I got a driver's license and cut my hair to below my shoulders and dyed it purple. I bought a small used car and it gets me where I need to be. I am making the cabin a nice home. It is cozy. I have not heard from anyone. I cut them all from my life. I don't want to feel that kind of pain again. I am better off alone. Just me and the family. My brother watches me often with sad eyes. They know I am going to have a baby. Bullets, baby. But I can not let him know. He will take it from me. I will not allow that.

I was putting in an appointment when the door opened. I saw a man walk in wearing a cut from the Viper MC. I have an appointment the man said looking at me. I will let Tiger know I said standing up and walking to the back. I noticed the man look at my baby bump as I walked behind the counter and sat down. If you have a seat he will be with you in a few minutes. I sat down and glanced at the woman every now and then. She smiled but it did not reach her eyes. She had a do not get close to me attitude.

I did not see a wedding ring on her finger and she was not wearing a property cut. I should ask Tiger about her. I looked up as I heard footsteps coming down the hall. I stood up and followed Tiger to his area. I saw you looking at Peggy. Do not even bother. She is claimed. Where is her property cut? A long story and not my story to tell. She does a good job for me and I stay out of her business and she stays out of the clubs. I see she is pregnant. Not my business.

I got my tattoo and drove back to Fort Wayne to the club. I told Viper of the new receptionist and how she was pregnant and her name was Peggy. Did you buy any chance to think to take a picture of her? I grinned and said I sure did. I showed Viper the picture of the woman. I saw his eyes get big and a huge smile on his face. It's Peggy. Lisa, Travis. he yelled. It's Peggy. Who is she? My sister in law. She has been missing for three months. We have to go and see her. Please Viper take me to see my sister.

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