Vipers Woman

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Chapter 65: Tigers Tattoo Shop

I was just walking to the front when I heard Tiger talking on the phone. What can I help you with Bullet? I stopped walking. You want me to do what? So, you claimed a new woman. But I heard you had not divorced your first woman. Sure bring her in. I will put the tattoo on her. I turned and saw Peggy standing looking at me with tears flowing down her face. Why is Peggy crying? Bullet, bring her in an hour. I hung up the phone and then it knew. Peggy is Bullet's claimed woman and he had not divorced her.

I have to get out of here Tiger. I can’t be here when they get here. Peggy, did you divorce Bullet? Not in so many words. Peggy just how did you divorce Bullet. I looked down at the ground and said I didn’t. I told Beth to give my property cut to Bullet and for him to give it to the woman he had just fucked in his office. Then he can’t claim that woman. I don’t care now. I am going home, Tiger. I will come back to work tomorrow. I watched as she walked out the door shutting it softly behind her.

30 minutes later I heard the door open. I walked out to see Viper, Lisa, and Travis standing there. Is Peggy here Viper asked? No, she went home when she heard Bullet was bringing his new woman here to get tattooed. What new woman I heard Travis yell. He can not claim a woman when he has claimed Peggy and they are still married. I don’t know about that. They will be here in a few minutes. We will wait. We looked up as Bullet and a blonde walked in. This is my woman Tiger. She is here for her tattoo.

And just how the hell can you claim her as your woman when you are still married to my sister Travis said looking at Bullet. I turned and looked at Travis, Lisa, and Viper. Peggy has been missing for three months. She could be dead. I assure you that my sister is very much alive. Bullet, you are already claimed we heard. Yes, he is claimed. But we can fix that quickly. Viper, do it. Bullet you used our sister. I as the president who helped rescue and being Peggy’s brother in law. I now and forever void your claiming of Peggy. And should she return pregnant or with a child you can not take that child from her or make her return to your club? Do you accept this? I Bullet accept these requirements. Say it Bullet. I Bullet reject Peggy as my woman and wife.

Good because Peggy is alive and living in this very town and she is pregnant with your child. I had to pull over onto the side of the road. I felt pain. Intense pain as if my heart was being torn from my body. I raised my head to the sky and howled. I howled so loud it could be heard for mile and miles. I was being rejected. My family came running to surround me. I was walking in from the kitchen when I felt it. I ran outside grabbing my chest. I heard the howl of pain. The pain of rejection. Shooter grabbed me asking what was wrong? Why are the wolves howling?

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